Ideas For Outdoor Lighting

Check our tips spice up your outdoor spaces with a beautiful night lighting.

landscape garden sofa wood outdoor lightingOutdoor lighting in the garden

A nice alternative is to decorate your apartment with lovely electrical outdoor lighting, to give it a festive look during the holiday weeks. Choosing the right lights, that would fit to the style of your home, can be a pretty big challenge however. Make you feel relieved in this season when making purchases of light sources, we have asked Allison Duffy from Canadian Tire, some of her best tips for outdoor lighting to give.

Interesting lamps in the grass decorate the garden
landscape lights garden light outdoor lighting

At style home: what are in your opinion the best lighting options that you can use in the outdoor furnishings to create a holiday mood outside the home?

Allison Duffy: When you go shopping to select outdoor lighting, you will find a huge range of colours, shapes, light bulb sizes, lengths and technological devices. This immensely favored the creativity when it comes to home décor.  

Illuminate the pool in the garden

flowers garden swimming pool house exterior lighting

For some, the festive holiday appearance includes the lighting of outdoor areas and front yard of the apartment with a larger quantity of lamps in alternating colours or those that are marked by special effects and rather hold a light show. Others, however, represented the “less is more” view and prefer to decorate small spaces or use colored light.

The lighting adds to the festive holiday appearance of the garden

courtyard lighting lights garden outdoor lighting

The larger bulbs, such as those with a screw base E17 are usually recommended for the surge of the edge of the roof, while the smaller ones with a screw base E10 and the mini light bulbs to decorate porches, trees and bushes are needed. Nevertheless, here no strict rules apply. We mainly really only need to reach your desired design.

At night, the dining table in the garden needs good lighting

flowers table eating light outdoor lighting

The good news is that there is light, which can satisfy all kinds of taste, preferences and budgets. No matter whether you opt for the traditional light bulb, or for the latest light diode (LED) technology is available a wide range of options available.

Create romantic atmosphere outside

romantic lighting fire couch lamps outdoora forest is located near this lighted outdoor

lighting garden chairlighting decoration

The whole House is illuminated garden lighting lamps Chair

An illuminated swimming pool is suitable for swimming at night House lighting exterior design

exterior design house pool light