Extremely Elastic Wood Surface Wood Skin By MammaFotogramma

extreme elastic wood surface DJ desk decoration

Extremely elastic wood surface

The Milan-based Design Studio, presents MammaFotogramma, an interesting wooden arch, known as wood skin. It could be just like other regular Museum exhibition look, but it is still more than that wood skin is a ultra skinny Russian plywood that is divided into small triangles to create a wide range of flexibility. By simple bending, you can create complex shapes and change the ambience of a room.  The interesting aspect is that you can change its shape at any time. Basically, you will have no time bored out to. You can use it for decorative purposes, as both solid functional surface.

The wood is to be plastic and flexible versatile surface

extreme elastic wood surface more recording

extreme elastic wood surface universal

The concept of wood skin is to create an interface that fits with ease while its pleasant and elegant aspect. “This highly flexible surface – a sandwich of wood and high-performance network – was created by a process of excavation with a CNC machine. This material holds an endless potential to absorb ideas and possibilities that reflect the dynamics of the space they occupy. The recognition of this potential allows to design the rooms and to build, which are inspired by the malleability of this elegant, durable and strong material. “

Teach small triangles for the elasticity of the wood surface

extreme elastic wood surface very close to seeing

The light behind the wood skin surface gives the decoration mysticism

extreme elastic wood surface in front of the light

Wood skin taken close upextreme elastic wood surface close to full and bright

A real work of art

extreme elastic wood surface In the Museum

extreme elastic wood surface to admire artistically it goes on – great shot

To recommend the extremely elastic surface of wood wood skin – unique and very

extreme elastic wood surface flexible

extreme elastic wood surface on the floor