Decoration In Smaragdgrün-of Pan Tone Color

Are you ready for a trip to the Emerald City? Since the announcement of the top experts from Pantone, that was their choice for the year 2013 to the emerald-green color, the blogosphere has filled with posts about design possibilities… Come now, since 2013 long ago we already in the middle is us are, we thought: we do not look back and find out what inspired by this strange colour – decoration, fresh themes and more? Disclaimer: Today’s post can be influenced in part by the fact, that emerald is the favorite color of the author…

Abgesehehn of the above comment: it is hard not to love the emerald-green color. A richly nuanced gem tone, a shade of green with very volatile tinge of blue, which can be the unexpected shine through. In this sense, we provide overview of some truly unique finds today. Starting with the bedding can be designed by no other company than PANTONE itself, ended at the wedding design with motifs from the “Wizard of Oz” and the obligatory, on which this selection will characteristic accents play Emerald City – amazes with security (or at least a little)!

Bed linen, pillows and rugs in emerald green

We start with a few velvety and cuddly artefacts that are both stylish and very practical. Did you know that PANTONE universe has worked in partnership with JCPenney, to introduce a product line which features the choice of colour for the year 2013? The emerald green quilt set, below, shows off rich green colours and a delicious white border. The set includes both – quilts and duvet, and we find the design that has been shaped by the hotel styling just kind! [Source: JCPenney]

Decoration in emerald green cushions

decoration in emerald green bed linens pillow

There is still pleasure in the schattierenden colour effects of the Ombré trend, and this Emerald Ombré square pillow by PANTONE universe and JCPenney is an excellent representative of the style. It is a perfect complement for the bed set from the top, don’t you think?

Another idea for pillows

decoration in emerald green coverlet

Let’s go now to the Etsy marketplace move to the next following plushy velvet pillow cases with elegant Emerald radiance, leading of course also a train in the elegant front to admire. This Emerald Green Velvet cushion covers Sukan handmade design, a business of the company Etsy, made from genuine velvet fabric. The zipper makes it very easy to pull off. Note: the content doesn’t belong.

Velvety green pillow

decoration in emerald green cushions

In the settlement of the first group of Emerald finds we could not help but, to put this Uzbek carpet, produced by Capel Rugs , in the light of the headlamp. It is difficult to say what is impressive: the flat woven woollen structure, the ikatähnliche confusion of lines, or the juxtaposition of emerald green and vigorous white. Designed by Genevieve know, is this decoration piece long after the year 2013 eingetoffen and passed is in fashion…

A carpet in emerald green and white

decoration in emerald green white carpet

Emeraldgrünes glass tableware

What could be precious stone-like than a piece of tableware made of glass? Next, we show some glittering specimens that will cheer up your interior with a sheen. Below two Vega type of stemware from Baccarat can be seen, which reveal a stunning silhouette, designed by Savinel & Rozé. In fact, the foot of each Cup has a jewel-like grind that will certainly produce Emerald glow performances… [Photo by Goeffery Sokol via Elle Decor]

Great Green glasses

decoration in emerald green glass modern

Again a range of PANTONE universe: an amazing product that is popular, as color of the year honours selected gem sound. The below Emerald Bowl is manufactured according to design of the British design firm W2 and calls back into consciousness the funny way of an ultra-modern colour sample card, while he swaggers with its texture from genuine porcelain. It is a limited edition, you must have not surfaced… [Available via Hyatt’s]

This Green cups look fresh

decoration in Emerald Cup yellow

Hardly can imagine something jewel-like as the GEMA vase by Moser, completed by a magnificent mix of green and blue shades. Designed by artist Kateřina Daqing, this masterpiece was presented in 2001 (shown) below a color combination of Beryl and Reseda on the image, and has become the favorite quickly. Man can see easily why:

The best idea a glass vase

vase decoration in emerald green

Party decor in Emeraldgrün

We end today’s post with a bouquet of full of inspiring party ideas in Emeraldgrün… As this festive picture by Confetti Systemthat represents a grouping of party decorations from paper with the unusual shape of a diamond. It can be easily seen that we rather have to do with a mint as with emerald green, but the overall effect has clearly a gem-orientation!

Party decoration in Emeraldgruen

decoration in Emerald Green Party

Get ready for a wedding which has been the story of the wizard of Oz as a source of inspiration! This outrageously innovative idea has two of our favorite shades from the land of Oz to the Foundation: Ruby Red and Emeraldgrün. Take note of the emerald-green plates and sweets for dessert, as well as by the striking red accents (such as the poppies – a different reverence before the classic film are such)! You can see all the details on ruffled.

Make green elements to the wedding table

wedding decoration decoration in emerald green

This engagement party with design, designed by every last detail, stands out with an arrangement of sparkling gold, delicate pink and of course glass ware in the true emerald green shading. To keep the rest of the colors in metallic and subdued variations allows emeraldgrünen shades on the below of shown table-setting really in the foreground to appear. The result: an unexpectedly fresh, but also ostentatious style!

Arrangement of sparkling gold and delicate pink and glassware in the true emerald green shadowing

decoration in emerald green dining table plate

Ruby Red, gold, white, champagne pink… What other shades were applicable to combine with the emerald green color? Share your ideas by leave a comment below…


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