Decorate The Walls Eclectically – That’s How It Works!

Millions of people love the perfectly designed gallery walls which, with their versatility, are eclectic. These design possibilities are seen as an opportunity to present themselves with the help of works of art, paintings, paintings and textures. The eclecticism symbolizes the versatility and mixing of different designs and is considered a great way to make the empty wall to your own taste. No other design offers so many opportunities to exhibit things on a wall that we love in our rooms. Learn more about the little things that are crucial in this wall design. Read exactly the helpful tips, because this decoration idea can quickly get out of control!

Beautiful decoration idea for every room!

eclectic white edge strength

How do I properly design the wall decoration eclectically?

From the first glance, the cool wall design looks very easy to design. No secret is that this project should also be followed in the right order. To get a cool effect, start with your favorite pictures, such as photos or drawings.

This is the first step of the design, so choose the coolest things first. Then come postcards and holiday memories. Do not forget the picture frames for all decorative elements, because they provide the great appearance from a distance.

After you have already positioned your personal design elements, the next step is: positioning art works. Old wall clocks, sculptures or portraits make the wall design look eclectic. Combining styles is considered crucial to the idea in today’s article. Give yourself enough time to position the decorative elements and with a little practice you will create a versatile, eclectic gallery wall!

If you already have experience with photo walls, picture boards or similar projects, then you surely know that with every design design there is a danger of guessing the whole idea out of control. This danger is very high in this project, because it is about a versatile gallery wall. Luckily you have our tips, min help you control everything. It is important that you make the exact note, such as adding traditional pieces. Find the perfect places to position them and create the perfect wall art exhibition at home!

Every little thing counts!

eclectic wall design with white border thicknesses

The important fasteners

We all know that eclecticism attracts a lot of attention at first glance. This type of wall design consists of many decorative elements. The large selection of works of art is increasingly being designed with a common connecting element, resulting in a uniform structure. Our editors have 2 ideas that can positively enhance any eclectic wall design.

  1. Paintings, textures and motifs are not easily combined today, but our editors always have a solution for you! White edges, according to design experts, are a beautiful connector for any wall design that is eclectically designed. The mystical decoration elements can be perfectly connected with each other through white frames, so that a stylish appearance is created. Our editors see this design as a transition from one artwork to another. Try it, it’s worth it!

How to make your wall eclectic

Deco idea black and white paintings eclectic

2) Since every redesign takes a lot of time, eclectic lovers have recommended an alternative that has sparked our interest: black picture frames! This stylish deco idea is great as a connecting element. Black picture frames combine perfectly with black and white paintings as well as any other artwork.

Take a look at our picture gallery and be inspired by the selected ideas!

Choose the best memories as a decoration

Achieve a cool effect!

eclectic ideas

Versatile design idea

Appearance Eclectic

Give your room a perfect look

eschwweißweiße paintings PaintingsWandgestaltung

Combination of many designs

Ideas eclectic wall design

Make your wall design appear eclectic

Artworks Wall Decoration

Position the artworks strategically

black and white paintings eclectic

Cool combination of pictures

selected ideas

Pay attention to the fasteners

white edge strength eclectic

Make a visual transition

Picture gallery eclectic lovers eclectic wall decoration

Pictures with a white border are a design highlight

striking decoration idea

Black and white drawings with black picture frames

cool eclectic wall design

Make the bedroom eclectic

eclectic picture gallery

Black picture frames make for elegance

eclectic paintings paintings

Striking and unique

eclectic interior

Untypical staircase design

eclectic artworks with motifs)

Make a perfect structure

eclectic paintings

Redesign with artworks

eclectic black and white paintings

A striking decoration idea

Eclectic selected wall design

Bring versatility into the room

eclectic stylish appearance

Beautiful paintings express your creativity

eclectic wall design selected ideas

The white edges of the pictures fall immediately

eclectic wall design cool tips

Personal design elements as a wall decoration

eclectic wall design ideas

From the first moment, the eclectic attracts everyone’s attention!

eclectic wall design