Creative Handmade Pumpkins For Halloween

handmade Pumpkins for Halloween paper Black Yellow pink orange yellowCreative handmade Pumpkins for Halloween

Soon, Halloween is here and we feel again the strange atmosphere of the Festival. We present some great handmade Pumpkins for Halloween decoration.

Pumpkins from paper for Halloween

Orange pumpkins are great, but these multi-coloured paper pumpkins turn out to be an amazing decoration. This simple Halloween products can be created in a few minutes.

Cut strips of paper. Fasten with a PIN on the top and bottom. Paint a wine Cork to the top of the pumpkin. Embellish your work with colored tape.

Pumpkin tablecloth made of felt

handmade Pumpkins for Halloween tablecloth wood table candles

Black pumpkin silhouettes on a cremig-white tablecloth bring elegance to the Halloween table.

How do you find this handmade pumpkins from paper for Halloween?

handmade Pumpkins for Halloween paper black orange sheet

Pumpkins from paper

This orange pumpkins are made of tissue paper. With three face patterns, you can create a whole family of Halloween pumpkins.

Autumn decorative pumpkin pillows

handmade Pumpkins for Halloween pillow

Autumn decorative pumpkin pillows

This pillow is suitable not only for Halloween, but for the whole Erntedankfestsaison. Be creative!

Fill pumpkin with candy

handmade Pumpkins for Halloween beads Cup holder treat

Pumpkin treat holders

Paint a Bell Cup. Make large wooden beads on the podium. Paint the beads as you want and paste them. Fill the cups with candy.

Do you like interesting chandeliers?

handmade Pumpkins for Halloween cans chandelier

Pumpkin lanterns

Cans are destined for the trash can, but they can be also cool bright decoration for Halloween. Impress your guests with cool lighting!

Pumpkin Pincushion are both useful, as can also be great decoration

handmade Pumpkins for Halloween pin cushion face cutting

Pumpkin Pincushion

Silly face pumpkin Pincushion can perfectly decorate your House for Halloween, too.

Can you draw pictures?

handmade Pumpkins for Halloween image

Pumpkin painting portrait

You must be a famous painter, this funny Halloween picture to create. A pumpkin face looks inviting to Halloween.

Your guests will be impressed by this pumpkin place cards

handmade Pumpkins for Halloween tickets

Gourd place cards

This little pumpkin holds place cards on the Halloween table. Draw eyes, mouth and nose on the orange pumpkin.

Do you like this pumpkin Garland on the edge of the table?

handmade pumpkins Halloween Garland spider webs table

Pumpkin Garland

Take a step back in time with an old fashioned Garland. Search in the Internet for garlands. Print your favorite pictures on cardboard, cut a hole on each side and connect them with orange Ribbon. Hang the Garland on your mantel or along the edge of the table.

A fun beverage containers as a decoration

handmade pumpkins Halloween drinks tray

Pumpkin party beverage container

This fun pumpkin crafts proves a great Halloween party decoration and can be used as plant containers, heart and drink containers.

Create even cool pumpkin decoration!

handmade Pumpkins for Halloween Orange face

See this interessaten decorating ideas! Tell us your opinion! Have fun at your Halloween party!