Ceramic Tiles – Modern Decoration Ideas For All Rooms

Ceramic tiles are finding ever wider use in interior design. You can not just connect this with the bathroom and the kitchen. They can make up part of the decorative features of various premises. With this article we give you an insight into the current design possibilities. Hopefully you can find inspiration for your own decoration ideas.

Especially through the tiled floor, this room appears particularly modern

gray white ceramic tiles deco meditteraner soil

The advantages of using ceramic tiles in the interior

Whether you use the ceramic tiles in the bathroom or in the living room furniture, they always bring about the same benefits. They refresh the interior design and brighten it up with their glamorous surface. Furthermore are ceramic tiles very environmentally friendly and easy to clean.

If you can achieve that with a modern look, then the investment is worthwhile in every respect.

The ceramic tiles make the traditional patterns look modern and playful

Ceramic tiles deco patchwork and different patterns

Choose the right design

First, get an overview of the diverse designs of ceramic tiles. They are available in many different sizes and styles. Your surface may be shiny or dull. So there should be no difficulty finding a solution that fits your interior design.

Without these ceramic tiles, the room would seem a bit boring

Ceramic tiles deco different brown nuances

Variety within the monochrome wall design

Did you choose a monochrome wall design? Within this you can still provide a lot of variety. You can achieve this by using different shades of one and the same color. Furthermore, you bring through different textures and mirror effects even more dynamics in your design. For the latter, ceramic tiles of various types can be quite useful.

Black animates this room, which would seem too sterile in white

Ceramic tiles decoration small blue and white tiles

Have an area through ceramic tiles

In small flats and in open housing plans, it is urgently necessary to structure the space. This can be achieved in a very effective way by accent walls made of ceramic tiles. You can make it about the kitchen or media back wall to an eye catcher. Furthermore, ceramic tiles can turn tricky spots such as wall and window niches into an eye-catcher. Also very popular is the floor design with ceramic tiles outside the bathroom and other rooms, for which this is typical anyway.

Tiles are a great decoration for kitchen islands

Kitchen island set up ceramic tiles deco meditteraner soil

Patchwork and other artistic wall design

With ceramic tiles you can create an artistic and even picturesque wall design. In traditional interiors, one usually decides on different plant or geometric ornaments. In some designs you can even find entire landscapes or interesting scenes. A modern variant for artistic design with tiles is patchwork. For this you can use different pieces that have something in common in patterns or colors and correspond well with each other. In the picture above we find a floral theme and a similar background shading. Thanks to this, the patchwork ceramic tile design looks very elegant, although very different patterns can be seen. You can still opt for a playful use of different contrasts or for larger figures, if you aim for an artificial effect.

Tiles that are reminiscent of a tapette spread here cozy atmosphere

blue wall design ceramic tiles deco mediterranean ground

When decorating with tiles, it is important to follow the”less is more”rule. Use them on a restricted area and execute the project in the best quality. There can be no compromise with the latter. Only then can you achieve a unique and upscale decorative effect.

The golden color of the tiles makes this room shine

Accent wall in the bathroom ceramic tiles deko

You can also introduce a monochrome color palette in the form of tiles

Elaborate ceramic tiles deko open living space

The many different forms make this room appear lively and balanced at the same time

Ceramic tile decoration wall and floor in blue

The comfortable character was achieved here only by tiles

Ceramic tiles deko gray and white on the floor
Ceramic tiles deco gray tiles for the wall
Ceramic tiles deco elongated room design
Ceramic tiles deco meditteranian ground patchwork on the ground
Ceramic tiles deco meditteraner soil

Pop art with tiles? This and other cool design concepts are quite possible!

Ceramic tile deco modern patchwork with pop art
Ceramic tiles deco monochrome color palette
Ceramic tiles deco great floor for a very wide and bright room
Ceramic tiles deco differently patterned tiles

Thanks to the uniform color, a uniform picture was achieved

Ceramic tiles decor various patterns all in brown
Ceramic tiles decor wall and floor design
Ceramic tile wall decor with different patterns in southern style
Ceramic tiles deco warm interior
Ceramic tiles decor living room furniture

The brown tiles correspond wonderfully with the landscape and the natural materials in the room

Ceramic tiles decor floor design brown and white
Ceramic tiles deco subtle interior decoration

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Ravello_Cucina 008