Black Tulips Prepare Joy Of Covers Eye And Soul

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Black tulips – charming, passionate and magical!

Today, it is actually of course that you have great tulips in Europe everywhere around them. But actually, it was not always the case, because this type of tulips is not at all typical for our continent. In the 16th century, they were discovered in a fabulous garden of the Turkish Sultan. A diplomat of in Austria has done that.

He has taken some tulip bulbs with them in his home. These were then in the hands of the Court gardener’s Clusius, who at the time was responsible for the successful introduction of many new species. These included next to the tulips, also the potatoes.

The Tulip mania

tulips plants the black tulips tulips

Shortly thereafter it fell everywhere in Europe in the tulips, that they have developed super quickly. The tulips plants comprised many different species, how about white, yellow, red, colorful and even… Black

Today, of the black Tulip, the speech will be with us

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It connects with the black tulips meaning and stories that are extremely interesting. It is said that the black Tulip was discovered after one promised 10 000 florins as a prize in the Dutch city Harleem this variety for the work.

The beauty of black colour

flowers tulips tulips tulips black

The black Tulip had special significance in this case. She should popularize the beauty of black and thus also the people from the respective breed. This was already in the 17th century. The selection of the new black tulips was celebrated with a big party.

An idea for the tulips-fans

flowers tulips tulips tulips black

You know even the date. It’s the 15 may 1673. On the central street of Harleem, there was a solemn train specifically for the occasion. The men wore vases with black tulips, which wonderfully came before the white Terry on the trays to the best advantage.

Alexander Duma father to his novel “Black Tulip” was inspired by this story.

Only the beginning of a long story

tulips tulips plants black tulips

But this was only the beginning of a long history, which were connected with achieving the perfect result in the black Tulip. This was done so to speak recently at the Dutch Institute of gardening. Actually it’s a very dark violet color.

Did you know how much it cost them? 400 000 dollars.

Now would you care for some mystical touch to your interior design or garden through the black Tulip?

Black Tulips are a piece of jewellery for the garden

flowers black tulips tulips tulips

The Tulip in the morning

black tulips tulips tulips plants

Garden plants in black

flowers tulips tulips black tulips plants

When the Sun’s rays on the black Tulip

black tulips tulips plants flowers tulips

A meadow full of tulips

the black tulips tulips tulips meaning

The magical black Tulip

tulips meaning black tulips the Tulip

Every woman will forward to this flower bouquet

the Tulip Tulip flowering black tulips

In this flower everyone will fall in love

black Tulip tulips plants flowers tulips

Black tulips make great pleasure for the eye and the soul

tulips plants black tulips tulips meaning