Make Your Own Garden Decor: Simple And Inexpensive Basement Ideas

The still sunny days make us even more beautiful in the garden and courtyard. After digging and planting plants in a sheltered place you can also think about a great winter decoration, which brings more life, colors and dynamics into the garden. In order to make this task easier for you, we have selected some clever decoides for you, which are inexpensive and inexpensive. From the simplest materials you can make yourself a great garden decoration.

Paint stones and make a great garden decoration by yourself

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Evergreen garden decor yourself

If you are looking for a great job during the weekend for your children or just want to decorate your garden with homemade accents, this idea is for you! This garden decoration is quick and easy to make and will not strain your budget. Use the old plant pots, fill them with fine sand or castles.

Look for several large stones in the garden and have your children paint them in different green nuances. Use acrylic paints. At the end you paint white small strokes, which resemble thorns and, if desired, you can still use artificial flowers as an additional decoration. Now you have created a green cactus with your children.

Reuse the old preserving jars creatively

Canning jars as garden decoration

Turn the old preserving jars into a flirtatious garden decoration by inspiring yourself with our examples. The simplest idea is to make a small terrarium out of it. Provide purely different colored sand or colored stones, some artificial plants or mussels and snails. Wrap the glass opening with rope and hang it in the yard or garden. The other idea is to convert the preserving jars into a vase, thereby decorating your garden table and providing a cozy atmosphere. And our last suggestion is for those of you who want to give the boring garden fence a romantic touch. For this purpose, place a candle in the glass and hang it on the fence with a rope.

A trendy idea with letters

Add an individual touch to the garden

The letters as decoration are becoming increasingly popular and conquer not only the interior, but also the garden. In order to inspire you to introduce this trend into your home, we show you today how you can make this great garden decoration of pallets yourself. Look for good and stable wood elements and cut them in the desired letter form and size. Ensure a stable base and sides. Put in the soil and plant some succulents that will provide more liveliness. It is important to remember that excessive moisture can damage the wood and shorten the life of your artwork.

Make a unique bright garden decor yourself

This idea is one amazing alternative to the garden lanterns from Reispapier. For the manufacture you need a resistant rope, some balloons, glue, cornstarch and hot water. The first step is to inflate the balloon to a desired greetings. After that you must mix some glue, cornstarch and hot water until a thick mixture is obtained. Dip the rope into the mixture and wrap the balloon with it. Allow to dry for about 24 hours. Prepare several such balls. Place the balloon and put into the balls of the light chain. All balls can be mounted on a light chain and provide a great light source above the garden table. An excellent idea or not?

Check out all of our ideas for garden decoration by yourself and gather inspiration.

Betondeko and make the garden more beautiful

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Paint the stones in a creative way

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Original idea for a vertical garden

garden decoration ideas garden decorations

Decorate your old flower pots with pieces of wood

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