Latest Ideas With Mint Green For Inside And Outside

Officially Mint Green is not one of the colors of the year. But it is quite trendy of the character of the current tendencies. Moreover, the Mint color has long been considered a classic. So choose this shading for your apartment in 2017, make a modern choice. They also have all the chances that they will be effective for several seasons.

We already have one on our website Article , Now we supplement this information with a few additional and current setup tips.

Mint green can be combined with many other colors

Mint color and black

Mint green – fresh air from nature

In summer 2017 we have it with the Extension of the living space to do. Gardens are always more comfortable and more comfortable. The boundaries between interior and exterior are always blurred. The tendency of the reception of nature in the interior is not overly discussed. This is probably because it is somewhat older and already well established.

It is practically self-evident. Mint green as a wall paint is a fresh and non-committable way to follow this trend.

Let us now turn to the concrete application tips.

Mint green is a perfect background color

Mint color and white

Mint green instead of white

Are you looking for a neutral but at the same time a characteristic background for your room design? The Mint color would be an ideal choice. It can be combined with other shades. Thanks to its invigorating character, it particularly enhances its outstanding design possibilities. Particularly interesting are the changes of the atmosphere in a room in mint green, which are related to the change in light intensity.

Mint green suits ideally to many different areas, including to the kitchen

Many useful and decorative objects in mint green

Use of the Mint color in the kitchen

Mint green is now in the kitchen. This gives this room a very light but extremely invigorating vintage flair. This effect is particularly enhanced by the combination with wood and stone. Combine with antique furniture in the living room or bedroom.

With mint green you emphasize the vintage atmosphere of a room

Mint green and other small accents

Combinations in antique and vintage style

Do you want a classic concept that combines ancient and modern style? With mint green you are just right. This color would be the perfect background for antique furniture. The combination of mint green and this type of furniture would be very appropriate in the living room or bedroom. The atmosphere is therefore very elevated but at the same time relaxing and extremely modern. Also the whole is given a certain ease and joy of life. This is especially important in the room with vintage and antique furnishings.

With mint color you can also bring out the decoration

Mint green gray and white

The Mint color in the decoration

Choose the mint color for the decoration, you also achieve very different great effects. Add accessories or accent furniture made of rough materials to achieve a great country or boho flair.

With mint green you can subtly achieve a somewhat feminine character. For this purpose you can choose textiles in this shading. Matching the decorative pillows or the curtains.

Distribute the mint green strategically, you achieve a strong effect with a small insert

Mintgrün quite soothing for the office

Mint green

The last tip is also to illustrate the power of the color. Mint green comes into its own when used with limited application. If you want to show a uniform, natural atmosphere in the house and garden, then it would be perfect. You can strategically distribute mint green at different locations inside and outside. This allows you to use a wide range of materials and shading. Nevertheless, you achieve a uniform and very modern general mood!

Stay trendy and put the mint color boldly in your four walls or outdoors in the garden! This is what the editorial team wishes you!

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