DIY Decoration Ideas That Transform An Old Chest Of Drawers Into Something Special

The DIY ideas have different character and are each suitable for different types of people. Some of us love to do everything from the beginning on our own. Others would like to spice up a simple piece of furniture or an accessory with simple means and ideas. The effect of the transformation of a simple or old object is really impressive. Exactly this is the subject of this article. We have a concrete picture tutorial and text with hints. From this you can see how a simple chest of drawers can be transformed into a fabulous, individual piece of furniture. Then we have some other examples of dressers that have been embellished with simple means.

This is what the dresser looks like after completing the DIY project!

dresser the result

Make your dressers special at a reasonable price

Let’s start with the benefits of spicing up old chests of drawers. Low cost is an important advantage and of course the main argument for this DIY project. The dressers take up a lot of space and are pieces of furniture that attract attention in a natural way.

That’s why you want to experience them individually and uniquely and make them a linchpin. Designer dressers are very expensive. The simple ones can be individualized with few resources, so that they look wonderful, without having claimed too many expenses. You can also design these to your own taste and make sure that no other household has exactly the same piece of furniture in it living room or in another room.

Additional decoration ideas could only emphasize the nice result

Dressers decorated with plants

The materials for the manual

Now let’s start with the materials for the following guide. Different dressers with a similar character can be decorated with it and made into something special. In this case you need the following:

– an old chest of drawers,
– 4 table feet,
– paint (in this case lime paint was used to achieve a matte effect),
– primer,
– paint roller and paintbrushes,
– pieces of leather,
– carriage bolts and matching nut,
– Inline punching made of fabric.

Before starting, you must remove the original handles

Chests of drawers before removing the drawers

On request you could also use the following materials and tools:

  • Piece of wood for the chest of drawers bottom,
  • Drill to attach the table feet to it.

… and also remove the drawers from the dresser…

removed drawers commodes

Commode redesign – step by step

Step 1: Remove the current handles from the drawers. Remove all drawers from the dresser.

Step 2: Carefully sand the entire dresser, including the front of the drawers. Wipe the surface after sanding.

Step 3: Apply the primer to the surface of the dresser and drawers with a soft roller. Let the paint dry.

Step 4: After the primer has dried, you should sand the surface. Wipe off with a soft cloth before proceeding to the next step.

Grind the dresser carefully to ensure good results!

dressers - the grind

Step 6: Preparation of the leather handles

Decide on the length and width of the leather handles. Double the measurements (you’ll have to fold the leather handles later!). Cut the sticks out of cardboard according to the previously determined dimensions. Make a hole on one side of the box so you can insert the screw there. Tip: If you have a limited budget, you can use individual accessories instead of leather handles. For example, old jackets or accessories made of this material are very suitable.

Choose suitable sandpaper!

dressers continue to grind

Step 7: Put your cardboard box on a piece of leather and cut out the edges.

Step 8: Note the location of the hole and fold each piece in the middle. Use the inline punch or other tool to make a hole.

Step 9: F Perform steps 7 and 8 for all leather handles. Prepare by inserting the screws through the two layers of leather handles.

For applying the primer, you can take a soft paint roller!

Commode priming with the roll

Complete the project

Step 10 and 11: Push the screw through the existing hole in the drawer so that the piece of leather stays on the outside. Attach the nut to the inside of the drawer.

Step 12: Attach the feet

Attaching the table feet should not be so difficult. Much depends on the type of feet and the chest of drawers. If necessary, take a piece of wood in appropriate dimensions.

Tip: Have this piece cut out in a shop for such materials. Paint the edges in the color of the chest of drawers.

First you have to cut out the shape of the cardboard handles!

determine the size of the dresser

Individualization of the project

This manual is very convertible! There are many aspects that you can personalize and adapt to your own creative ideas. For example, you can choose a different color. Or you could even take a different shade for each drawer. Instead of the table feet you could attach wheels! So many great options! And you will find even more inspiration in the following pictures with great dressers after the end of the pictures tutorial!

Remember that you have to fold the handles!

Cut to size commodes

For every leather handle of the dresser you need a screw

Commodes prepare leather handles

… you can attach these with a special tool.

attach dresser screws

Attach the nut to the inside of the dresser!

dresser mother from the inside

Pay attention to the symmetrical distribution of the leather handles!

Dressers finished with other decoration

You can use old clothes to make the dresser leather handles.

leather handles attaching commodes

You can attach feet to the base of the dresser!

Dresser base for the feet

And here you can see two beautifully pimped DIY dressers!

before after effect dresser

DIY pimped dressers can look very different! Take a look at our examples!

dresser itself make old suitcase diy ideas
Dresser-Living Retro
Dresser-device-idea-living room

You can spice up the dressers with new paint, primer and some items on it wonderfully.

Dresser vintage living room design
furniture ideas-fancy-dressers-commode-bunt

The dresser, which is used by many, can be beautified in this way

chest-wood-craft ideas-fancy-dressers

commode-colorful-craft ideas-fancy-dressers
craft ideas-fancy-chest-chest-wood
baby wallpaper-fresh-pattern-color-dresser

Broken mirror? So you can use this for decorating a chest of drawers!

fancy-dressers-chest-wood-diy ideas
fancy-dressers-chest-wood-craft ideas

Sometimes just a fresh coat of paint helps!

youth room-by-young-fashion-wall color blue-cabinet-chest
attractive red-commode-for-your-home