Decoration Tips With Succulents To The Selbermachen!

Fresh deco tips with succulents for beginners and advanced!

The following decors with succulents are suitable for beginners as well as for advanced ones in this area. The first will overcome your fear of application in the interior setting and the second will have the opportunity to adapt them creatively to your own concepts with simple ideas.

Start with something small

Flower decoration plants dekotipss succulent

Succulents are perfect for beginners. Start with a simple combination and build on it. Combine quietly different kinds. You know, succulents are growing slowly. They do not need large flower pots.

Choose a higher centerpiece

Diy flower decoration dekotipps sukkulente

There are some succulents that grow particularly tall and elegant. They are suitable as the centerpiece of a combination of several plants of this kind. Try to find as much variety as possible in shape and texture. Decide between a symmetrical or asymmetrical arrangement. What would be better in your room concept?

Plenty of greenery and color diversity

Colorful succulents dekotipps blumendeko

There are succulents that are completely green and those that show a lot of color. Make something interesting out of it! You can use the green succulents as a kind of base and place an accent with other, smaller plants.

Tablecloths from succulents

Garden deco tips succulent care

Let’s continue with an idea for your party decoration. Choose a longer container that is in the middle of your table. Put succulents in it and create a kind of lively table runner. This deco can actually be very suitable for everyday life, if your apartment needs more green color and freshness.

Succulents in high beds

Flowers arranging hints succulent

Succulents are perfect for beds that receive a lot of sunlight. This is not vital for these plants. But they will develop much better by the abundant influx of light. Ideally, if you are about four to six hours a day under direct sunlight.

Group the succulents in different flower heads

Flowering succulents

Make a statement by distributing the different flower pots with succulents in groups. Choose those with similar texture and color. Try to create contrasts between different groups of succulents.

Discover the potential of the succulents for your room decoration!

Succulent cultivate dekotipps blumendeko

You can also discover more simple strategies for succulent decoction yourself. It is important that you keep your eyes open for the potential of these plants. They simply have the ability to refresh, especially minimalist, but also other rooms modern and effective.

Integrate the succulents into various outdoor furniture

Dekoideen sukkulente dekotipps diy ideas

There are several finished or DIY furniture that make the integration of succulents and other plants possible. For example, a flower head can be installed on the side of a bench. Fold up your outside space and make sitting in the garden more comfortable.

A wreath of succulents

Succulent care flower deco tips

Let us conclude with an idea for the various Christian festivals. For Christmas or Easter you can make a wreath of succulents and celebrate the feast in a very original way.

A living work of art

Flower decoration self make decoupage succulent

Succulents in picture frames as a wall decoration bridge the boundaries between traditional and modern. You can spice up any room with such decoration. In the living room you wake up the interest of the guests and in the bedroom refresh the atmosphere and the air and recover better.

Deco tips – Try to find as much variety as possible in shape and texture

Flower decoration garden deco tips succulent

Combine different succulent species

Flower decoration decors succulents
Diy flower decoration succulent dekotipps

Create a kind of lively table runner

Flower decoctions succulent

Deco tips with succulents – Make sitting in the garden more pleasant

Dekoideen flowers dekotipps sukkulente

Refresh your premises in a modern and effective way

Dekoideen dekotipps flower decoration

There are some succulents that grow particularly tall and elegant

Succulent dekotipps flower decorations

A super-thematic decoction

Succulent species flower decoration make
Succulent types dekotipps blumendeko

Start with a simple combination

Dekotipps flower decoration sukkulente deko selbst machen

Decide between a symmetrical or asymmetrical arrangement

Table decoration succulent care
Succulents in the glass dekotipps