Autumn Decoration Ideas With Natural Materials – 60 Creative Ideas!

“Autumn thanks us with a gift of colors.”- Artinger, Heidi Maria

Autumn is one of the most beautiful and colorful seasons. The soft, warm color palette of yellow, brown, red and orange this season, is extremely suitable for the creation of a comfortable and cozy interior. Invite the autumn to your home and make beautiful decoration from the beautiful leaves, chestnuts, acorns, pine cones, pumpkins, corn cobs and all that autumn offers you. Take a look at our wonderful autumn decoration ideas, which will surely inspire your imagination.

The autumn decoration Can be created with little money and effort. For this you need only some gifts of nature and a bit of imagination.

Create a colorful autumn decoration

A simple decoco for the table

Autumn decoration ideas with fallen leaves

The beautiful autumn leaves have many colors. A walk in the park or a forest walk will do you good, bring you other thoughts and secondly, you can collect great leaves with which you can get a Wonderful autumn decoration For the home. With these colorful natural values, you can create a great garland, a turquoise or a bouquet of flowers.

The leaf garland and the bouquet of flowers will be beautifully combined with your green house plants while providing more color. Take advantage of this free opportunity to decorate your home beautifully. Even your children can participate in crafting or help at least in collecting.

Simple and creative autumn decoration for the table

Pumpkin decor for the home

The pumpkin is not only delicious and healthy, but it is also very suitable as a home decoration and easy to integrate. Use large and small pumpkins in their different colors. Place it indiscriminately on the fireplace or on a serving board and place it in the middle of the coffee or dining table. Another great idea is to dress the pumpkins in a beautiful color of your choice and adapt them to your remaining decoration items.

Tinkering with chestnut and great figurines

Crafts with chestnuts and acorns

The Crafts with chestnuts Is a great children’s employment, but also the adults find giant fun. Great figures can be made out of it with the help of matches, plasticine or with the heat glue gun. The decorations with chestnut and acorns look even more interesting and funny. In the net you can find numerous DIY instructions for crafts with chestnut.

Drive the cloudy weather through beautiful colors

Table decoration with sunflowers

Autumn decoration ideas with fruits and vegetables

All the fruits and vegetables of the season are perfect for this purpose. For example, you can put apples, corncobs and medlar into a basket and create a great decoration for the kitchen.

All autumn nature can be combined and used in every room. You can also include the typical autumn flowers. Such are for example the chrysanthemums, which has an enormous variety of colors.

Of our Picture gallery for autumn decoration Ideas you will get enough inspiration. Now, let us leave everything to your imagination and skill.

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