30 Sticky And Stylish Clothes-rack Ideas

Minimalism dominates all areas of our lives. Solutions that require little effort and are flexible are very popular. A wonderful example of this are the clothes rails. For a long time they were considered temporary solutions. Now these can even be permanent elements of the interior design of many people. The extensive use of clothes rails may additionally lead to the other establishment. Or they can in some rooms the Main Shelving represent. The benefits can be different: for some people, such solutions are more practical and for others – just a fitting expression of their own lifestyle.

White clothes rails make decorative pieces out of the clothes

white painting clothes rail

Clothes rails in the nursery

We do not start by chance with the nursery! The clothes rails symbolize this free and playful handling of the objects, which usually have the children. With the help of such congestion constructions you ensure that the most important things, such as the clothes for the next day, are ready.

Moreover, clothes rails make an interesting kind of decoration. And they take up less tread than a standard wardrobe. So you have more space to play and for other enjoyable activities with the little ones!

Coat racks in such metallic shades are super up to date

simple metal construction clothes rail

A subtle accent

The selection of materials for the clothes rails is very large. With an appealing design and in the right color and texture you can accent be in any room, regardless of what style it was executed. In this case, you took a very simple combination of fine metal and stone. A wonderful addition to this ambience, which is characterized by minimalism and naturalism! In addition, the colors correspond to those of the rest of the decoration. Although very elegant and simple, this clothes rail contributes greatly to the overall beautiful appearance of this room.

Well estimate the load that the clothes racks have to carry

clothes rack room tumblr Home Remodeling Upholstery

Consider the load very well

Most of the clothes rack examples we will show you below are for a select few garments. However, one sometimes has the case that one should hang more clothes on such a framework for a shorter or longer time. In that case, be sure to think of the load that can carry such a clothes rail. For as many clothes as in the picture above, you definitely need a sturdy construction! Before you make a specific choice, you should definitely consider this aspect as well.

That’s how beautiful a retro clothes rack can look

neutral style clothes rail

Combination of several functions

These clothes rack ideas combine several functions. They are probably meant to keep an outfit there for the day ahead. Intelligently it was combined with a large mirror. Early in the morning you will be happy about such an installation. The ironed clothes are here and you can quickly look at yourself in the mirror to make sure everything looks right and looks the way you want it! The gray shading and the construction of the clothes rail makes a very stylish statement.

This clothes rail looks like a designer piece

minimalism and clothes rail

Additional storage space

Many of the design ideas for clothes rails offer different creative solutions for additional storage space. The construction of this in the picture above is pretty simple. You can just leave shoes, bags, and other accessories on the bottom of a railing. In the following examples, you will find ideas with multiple sets of floors that are at different levels. They are arranged in different steps or in different ways, so that you have more space on one side and everything is comfortable on the other side.

The lines and shapes of this clothes rail correspond with the decoration in the room

Clothes rail with shelf below

Comfort and modern aesthetics

Clothes rails are becoming more popular and modern. On the one hand, they make an aesthetic statement, which in many cases resembles works of art. At the same time they are super practical in many ways. Especially if you combine these two features, they are really modern! Consider the combination of these two aspects to really make your interior design contemporary and contemporary!

Vintage, Scandinavian, industrial – this is the interior, the clothes rail

Clothes rail like a dare

Stable and universal – such clothes rails are also increasingly seen in modern homes

Clothes rack white and blue dresses

The sculptural forms always bring added value to the interior design

Clothes rail in front of a partition wall

With its black color, this clothes rail is a contrast to the background

Clothes rail in front of a wooden wall

Even against a blue accent wall, a black clothes rail would be wonderful

coat rack black staustang
coat rack black with stauregal
Clothes rack shoes and white dresses
Clothes rail only made of metal and wood

Thanks to the white color, this clothes rail practically disappears into the wall

Clothes rail next to a window
Clothes rail natural idea
Clothes rail with storage for t-shirts

In a women’s bedroom you could prepare the outfit for the next day so elegantly!

Clothes rack with a summery outfit
Clothes rail with several shelves
Clothes rail with small drawers

Clothes rail with cactus in front of it

Wooden base and metallic accents would turn a clothes rail into a linchpin

Clothes rail with a chair
Clothes rack ikea style
Clothes rail hanging from the ceiling

A black accent in the room? This too is in the form of a clothes rail

Clothes rail fold-out design
Clothes rail made of elegant wood
Clothes rack also for sports

Some clothes rails look like sculptures! So you like to use them in the modern interior.

elagentes look clothes rack
Lighting clothes rack idea
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