Planting Bucket Made Of Car Tires: 28 Creative Ideas!

The flowers make the garden, not the fence. – Dt. saying

Do not waste your time, but go to the garden this weekend. Let it look even more beautiful, more original and more colorful. To help you with this project, we want to give you some cool Ideas for planters Which you can tinker yourself with little time. For this you do not need expensive materials, but you can remove the old car tires. Awaken them to new life through the remaining color of your previous project.

The ideas you get from us, but the work has to be done by you!

A great idea to recycle used tires

Garden furniture and garden fence in one

Classic planters in flashy and striking nuances

If you are looking for a simple and fast way to add a little more color to your boring garden, then the plant carousels made from car tires are just the right idea for you. To realize this project, use the remaining color from the pre-project or use the faster variant to use color sprays in different nuances.

Be creative and have fun in creating these planters. You can plant your favorite flowers or aromatic herbs. Last but not least, to add the whole thing, you can use small plastic decorative elements such as small ladybugs or leaves.

Plant bucket and wall decoration in one

The garden fence with autoreifen decorate

A beautiful decoration for the boring garden fence

Still a light and rather practical idea that can decorate the garden fence. First, clean the old car tires well and give them a new color. Then consider whether you attach them with a chain or a thick rope to trees or attach them directly to the garden fence. Finally, place the soil in the car tires and plant your flowers in the effective planting buckets. Present your new work to your friends and family members.

Tip: To create an artistic and playful look, attach the car mats asymmetrically to the garden fence.

A kind of raised bed in the garden

Garden design and garden decoration

A colorful pyramid for the garden

This idea is well suited for those of you who already have experience with DIY projects! This spectacular pyramid gives you the opportunity to plant several different plants and flowers in the car napkins. If you create these in the middle of your garden, you could make a protective fence drumherum and again from car tires.

Ideas for plant tubers from tires

A ladybug with flowers on her back

For this idea you will need two different size car tires, red and black color and an old plant pot for the head of the ladybug. Clean the tires well, color in red and put them on top of each other. Then draw the typical maria beetle points with a brush and finally attach the planting head with screws to the tires. Paint your eyes and a wide smile and already have your garden-ladybug. You can still tinker legs and feelers made of wire.

Teacups as a plant bucket

A tea time in the garden

In the coming months we will surely enjoy our tea or coffee, relaxed back in the garden. Let us use this pleasant idea as a motivation to make great planters in the form of coquettish teacups themselves. For the preparation of one cup each, you will need 3 cleaned car tires. These, dyed in beautiful nuances, decorate you with cheerful dots, flowers or other creative images. Cut out one of the tires to make handles and cups from it. Finally, plant beautiful flowers and see for yourself how this little detail can totally change the garden atmosphere.

Take a look at the next picture ideas and roll up your sleeves at the weekend!

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