Make An Effective Flower Vase By Yourself

Today, we would like to challenge you and make your own creative abilities through a DIY project. Create a beautiful vase with marble effect from simple glass. Try this idea again this weekend and look for a great and practical home decoration.

Get all the materials you need for this project and roll up your sleeves.

The required materials:

  • Some glasses or glass vases
  • box cutters
  • Polymer clay (for baking) in 2 to 3 different colors makes desire. At least one of the colors should be bright so that a great overflowing effect is achieved.

Give the old glasses a new life

Flower vase with a colorful marble effect

creative bastelides diy deco vase crafts

Vase step by step

Step 1: First, form three thin rolls of polymer clay in various tone colors. Start rotating and braiding them until you get an overflowing effect. Now you should have a colored ball in front of you. Now roll this out very thin.

Step 2: Place the glass in the middle of the rolled polymer clay and carefully start wrapping it. Print the spots around the edges and those with a contrasting color difference a little tighter. In this way you will convert the defect into a great effect. Give yourself more time and have enough patience to create even gentler and pleasant nuances. The beauty of the vase of flowers depends on this.

Step 3: After covering all sides of the glass with modeling clay, push the ends towards the glass edge. Cut the unnecessary clay mass with the cardboard knife. Make sure that there are no bumps. And if these are present, carefully press these places aside until you get a nice and even shape.

Think of an interesting form

flower decoration diy decoides cool bastelides

Step 4: Now we come to the clay baking. To bake a properly resistant model clay, read exactly the manufacturer’s instructions on the packaging. In order to protect the oven, the experts recommend to take a flat sheet of paper, lay out the paper on it, and then place the polymer clay vases on it. Normally baking does not take more than 20 to 25 minutes. Therefore, take a look at the oven from time to time while doing this step.

Step 5: The last step is the lightest and nn the vase is to be decorated. After the flower vase has been baked and cooled, you can add some beautiful flowers, B. Decorate your kitchen or balcony with it. A pretty great idea is to make several flower vases in different shapes and colors. The matching colors for your remaining decoration will be excellent to enroll and complement.

Have fun with the realization!

The instructions in pictures: Step 1

Polymer clay basalt

Step 2: Roll out the polymer clay

creative bastelides diy flower vase

Step 3: Cover all sides well

flower vase guide diy decoides

Press the clay mass evenly and evenly

diy flower vase instructions deco self make

Step 4: Cut away the excess modeling clay

colorful flower vase deco self make

Allow time with shaping

marmor vase make cool decals

What colors will you combine?

cool bastelideen marble vases make themselves

Stimulating ideas for flower vases

flower vase tinkering diy decoides
colorful diy dekoideen bastelideen

Pour the preserving jar with Plymer-Ton

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diy flower vase decode itself
with vases decorating diy deco
colorside for flower vase