Autumn Decoration Ideas – More Than 40 Simple Examples

As autumn approaches and the weather deteriorates, you will be longing for more cozy cosiness at home. This year we will have the autumn with nostalgia after the summer. And if you want to embellish your space, you can take advantage of this article and its image gallery to create new autumn decoration ideas. Today we will show you how to decorate your home with warm colors and self-made jewelery. So create a special, romantic atmosphere to spend the rainy days at home with a cup of hot coffee or tea and a book in your hand. Hereby we will give you more than 40 simple examples as you made from natural materials and aids Herbstdeko Yourself.

For this you need everything that autumn has to offer for this purpose. They can, of course, include pumpkins, autumn leaves, chestnuts, acorns, cones, beech tree branches, maize and the like. You still need some instruments and items (candles, linen, etc.), colorful paper and your fingering. Thus wreaths, candlesticks and unusual vases will embellish your home.

The crafting of autumn decoration can be a very pleasant task

The main picture

Colors of bright wreaths welcome the guests

Beautiful, self-made wreaths are not just hanging out at Christmas, but all year round to decorate the front door. In the autumn, you can make your own with natural materials. Colorful turquoise is always an excellent idea for autumn decoration, they decorate your entrance door and welcome the guests before the entrance!

Craft them yourself from beech tree branches, colorful craft paper and / or autumn leaves. To a natural mix. We give you only some ideas and patterns with the folding pictures.

Create beauty with natural materials

Autumn decoration in several pictures

A wreath of colorful beech tree branches

A wreath from Buchs

Wreath from autumn leaves with artificial deco plants

Autumn decoration wreath

Decorate the outer space vividly

An idea for the outer space

A wreath of craft paper

A wreath of colorful craft paper

Make a wreath out of leftovers

A wreath of plastic

Drought twigs and colorful leaves intertwine with each other and the autumn decoration for the entrance door is finished!

A wreath made of natural materials

Autumn decoration wreaths

Chandeliers create romance

The lighting is very important in every apartment. Do you want to create a romantic atmosphere in your four walls? Then let your decorated chandeliers radiate the specifics of autumn. In fact…

… take high glasses and fill them up to half with corn kernels. Make a reason of metal rings and top stop perfume candles, to which autumn leaves are attached. So you will have the romantic autumn candlesticks.

Chandelier with autumn leaves and corn kernels

An idea for candlesticks

Another idea is to glue Einmachsgläser inside with autumn leaves and stick small candles in it. It creates a very pleasant and specific light.

Create spotlight with these chandeliers, which are easy to craft

Autumn leaves and candles

We recommend the hobby barkers to make these sturdy Einmachsgläser. They should be dyed, leaving a gap in the form of autumn leaves. No doubt, they will glow beautifully and bring a strong autumnal touch into your ambience.

Autumn decoration candlestick
Autumn decoration candles

And why not illuminate the vessel with artificial light? Use cones, chestnuts, acorns or something you think of!

Cinnamon sticks can be used at your fall

Autumn decoration Einmachsglas

Jar of jars filled with acorns and candles

Chandelier with acorns

But even if you arrange the jewelry outside the chandelier, it is not a mistake and can look great.

Candle decorated with cones and small pumpkins

Autumn decoration with cones

Encourage your children by combining pretty decoration from craft paper.

An autumn decoration is also possible with craft paper.

Candles decorated with craft paper

Pumpkins are found in autumn in abundance

pumpkins Offer many opportunities for creative autumn decoration. These can be painted, hollowed out, used as chandeliers! Let our suggestions inspire you. You can gather gourds of all sizes and colors and bring the necessary, autumnal comfort into your home.

In autumn you can decorate with pumpkins everywhere

Decoration for the house autumn decoration

A pumpkin painted in white and decorated with a letter decorative

On the pumpkin

Candlesticks made from pumpkins themselves

Autumn decoration with pumpkins

Pumpkins as table decoration

Autumn decoration on the table

Small pumpkin as an elegant table decoration

Small pumpkin as table decoration

A hay bale with a loop attached and decorated with autumn leaves, pumpkins and candles

A decorated corner

Glue different leaves to the pumpkins

Pumpkin with autumn leaves prints

Use hollowed pumpkin as a vase and decorate with bow

Pumpkin to the vase with flowers

Use the autumnal gifts of nature as a table decoration

Decorated with natural materials

From Maiskolben you can make excellent autumn decor yourself

Use everything during autumn decoration

Use the Maiskolben to decorate to create a rural atmosphere.

Colorful corn

Here we listen to our autumn decoides (at least for today!) And leave you the opportunity to make your own autumn decoration. We hope that we have given you an opportunity to love the autumn and to celebrate the colorful season.

Decoration from orange peel
Decoration with autumn leaves
Single glass with white cones

Autumn decoration turned out

Autumn decoration lettering
Autumn decoration lettering case

Autumn decoration for the house
Autumn decoration garlands
Autumn decoration with acorns
Autumn decoration with an owl
Autumn decoration with autumn leaves
Autumn decoration with autumn leaves and twig
Autumn decoration itself
Autumn decoration different ideas

Wreath give thanks

Name cards with cones
Natural materials in glasses
Beautiful pumpkins
Curtain from autumn leaves