Poach Eggs – Easier Than Expected!

The poached egg can be the perfect finish to your salad or the perfect ingredient for the perfect toast. This is also the main character in the Benedict recipe. But how are eggs poached? Here are some tips and tricks for poaching perfect eggs.

Perfect and easy to poach the eggs

What is poaching?

Poaching is a cooking technique that involves cooking in boiling liquid (water, broth, etc.). If we should be more precise, the temperature of the liquid should be between 60 and 80 degrees. The liquid should settle easily and form small bubbles. This technique is perfect for cooking delicate foods such as eggs and fish.

The advantage of poaching is that the food is juicy and with a more intense taste. The reason is low temperature cooking.

Poached eggs can be eaten at any time of the day

Poaching tips and tricks on eggs

The most poached food is the egg. The egg whites are cooked perfectly and the yolk is liquid. The poached eggs are a tasty topping for various sandwiches and salads. To make this preparation technique perfect, follow these tips:

Always use fresh eggs: The fresher, the better the egg is poached. It’s hard to know exactly how fresh the eggs are. If you live or drive close to a farm, be sure to take the opportunity to buy fresh eggs.

A few drops of vinegar: The role of vinegar in poaching is controversial. Some accept it and others think that it is completely free. And yet, you can add a few drops of vinegar to the water before adding the eggs. It is believed that the vinegar holds the protein together.

Give the egg up close to the boiling water

Putting egg in a bowl: Always whisk the egg gently in a bowl. The yolk should stay whole. Slowly and carefully put this into the water, close to the pot.

Water vortex: Always take a wide pot. Use the whisk to whirl in the pot. Follow the tip above and slowly insert the egg into the middle of the vortex. The vertebra helps the egg to stay close to the egg yolk.

Get cling film for help

Eggs poach in cling film

The cling film helps you to poach several eggs at the same time. Put these in a bowl and grease them with a little olive oil. Beat the egg in it and season with salt and pepper. You can also use other spices and herbs as you wish. Tie the ends of the foil together so that the egg can not run out. Use a little more foil to make it easier to remove from the pot. Let cook for 5 minutes. Cut the cling film under the knot and let the egg slowly slide out.

Remove eggs with the skimmer

Another method worth trying

Use a needle to make a hole in the eggshell. Put this in the boiling water for 10 seconds. Take it out, open it and put it in the water again. This method should hold the protein together.

Prepare the perfectly poached eggs and let them taste good.

Always take fresh eggs

The longer you poach the eggs, the harder they become

First poach eggs and then fry

A few drops of vinegar hold the egg white

Since you just want to bite purely!

Make it easier

Improve your favorite sandwich

Poached eggs with spinach and sweet potatoes

Also with asparagus they taste excellent

The perfect accompaniment to the salad

Also prepare a delicious sauce