What Training Is Suitable For Me? – Trainees Are Testing Craft Trades

One of the most difficult decisions in the lives of many young people seems to be the professional choice. Do you want to learn a craftwork or go straight to study? As simple as this question sounds, you can not get a quick response. How can you choose a profession for life if you have little idea? In addition, the range of training courses is so gigantic in size!

For today’s article, we have chosen to make your career choice easier. For this purpose, we have selected a very exciting material for you. Our target group are young people, who are faced with the pressure of choice and under time pressure and are quick to make a decision for life.

Which training suits my carpenter

Charly and Marvin are two young people who would like to see themselves as record interns in craft trades. They start a cool action that they themselves call a mad trip through the craft and dive into the bottomless world of professional life.

Each of their practical assignments has as a goal to bring handicraft trades closer to the young people and to give the relevant facts and information on the expectations at first hand.

Which training suits me modellbauer

Which occupation suits me?

What is the right training for me? Is not this the question with which every young person is shaken his head during the phase of his professional orientation? We find it is finally time to change this difficult situation, so our suggestion would be to watch the attached video carefully and if your interest is aroused every week waiting for the new contribution of the two interns.

Every week, you can look into the everyday life of a carpenter, a roofing engineer or a system engineer and you can read out the appropriate or not for your professional future in advance.

Many exciting interviews and professional reviews are waiting to be seen. We honestly admit that all craft trades are suddenly exciting and stimulating. Look at yourself at what all at you Can be achieved !

Which education suits me carpenter

It will soon be up to you whether you are qualified for a craft education. The simplest, but also the basic is the fact, whether you are a long-sleeved or early riser. For many of the professions, one can immediately get a realistic picture and even answer the question of which of the craft trades best suits one.

Which training suits me

We would advise you to take part in this action simply because you will not only find out which profession fits you or your child. Through the video contributions, you can learn the latest news about each craft and help preserve traditional craft trades.

Which training suits me melagenmechaniker
Which training suits me
Which training suits me chimney