Vermin Control: The 10 Worst Pests

In summer it is nice to sit in the garden, rest and enjoy the sight of his work. But this pleasant situation can also be quickly spoiled by vermin. They whir and sting, sneak through garden beds and spoil the summer mood. We give you tips for pest control of the 10 worst pests in the house and garden.

Pest and vermin control

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Vermin control: brakes

The brake stabs and sucks blood. This blood sucking fly sits in the grass and bushes and is especially active on muggy days. She is attracted to sweat. Brakes sting not only people, but also all other cold and warm blooded animals, such. B. horses.

How should one protect oneself?

Avoid wearing yellow or orange clothes and things. Sweaty things should change as quickly as possible and apply an insect repellent.

First Aid Tip: The brake stitches are very painful. To alleviate this, ice cubes help. Put some in a plastic bag and place on the bite for half an hour.

The nudibranch eats the plants bare

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The nudibranchs lurk in the salad, marigolds, asters, dahlias and others. You can bring so many garden owners to despair.

How can you protect yourself? Build protection barriers of lime, sawdust, sand or wood chaff around the beds. You can also set up worm fences. These can be found in the hardware store, they cost about 1 Euro per meter. Alternatively, sprinkle with chemical slug pellets or place wheat beer traps in the ground. The last ones should protrude 1 to 2 centimeters out of the ground and be half full so that the snails can crawl over the edge and fall into it.

First Aid Tip: Pick up the culprits early in the morning. As bait turn out old boards laid on the ground, like the nudibranches like to wait.

Do not allow a single ant

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The ants come through cracks in the masonry into the house and form colonies. The animals need z. As bread and sugar for feeding their larvae. They transmit disease germs, such as So Salmonelen and therefore you should not leave food open, not even in the oven.

First Aid Tip: See an ant in the house, get it out right away! The individual animals create a trail to food and thus attract more animals. In colonies, you can find ant baits that can be found in the drugstore – available from 2 euros.

Vermin control: flies

The flies are attracted by compost heaps, biotons, meat, sausage and cheese. They lay their maggots there. The Brummer can transmit dangerous diseases, such as Jaundice. Avoid open foods.

Control methods: The good old fly swatter fights individual animals. A good trap is to fill a 3/4 bottle with juice and a drop of dish soap. Make this open as you like.

An annoying bloodsucker

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The mosquitoes lurking in stagnant water, such. B. puddles, riparian zones of garden ponds, because there they breed. The little bloodsuckers are attracted by body heat and sweat.

Some protection methods: Apply an anti-mosquito agent to the skin. Ignite lemonella candles because the scent deters the insects. A mosquito net in the bedroom bed or on the hammock in the garden will ensure undisturbed sleep.

First Aid Tip: So that the stitches itch less, suck the spot quickly. An alternative to relieving itching is to rub the bite site with a halved onion.

Hide everything sweet

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The wasps fly on all sweetness. Tips against this are to fill wasp traps made of glass with sugar water and hang somewhere nearby or spit and slice lemon slices with cloves. Important in the open, the drinks z. For example, cover with beer mats and let the children drink only through straws, so no wasp can be swallowed.

First Aid Tip: Rub the sting with freshly cut garlic clove.

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fruit flies

These flies are magically attracted to the fruit. Even the smallest piece of fruit is a goldmine for the mini-flies. It is important not to leave ripe fruit with damaged areas open.

Control methods: To use a special fruit fly trap or a carnivorous plant, eg. B. to have butterwort in the house.


The mole throws up hills digging on the grass while digging underground passages. You can recognize them by that. He is protected by federal protection and anyone who fights him makes himself punishable. But to expel Mole is allowed.

A helpful remedy, however, is to prepare a mixture of buttermilk and whey (1: 4) and pour it into the aisle, about 1 cup per hill. The animal can not stand the smell.

The marten also transmits diseases

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The martens cause a lot of damage. In the house you bite cables, hoses under the bonnet and in the attic they create a good mess.

You can run a radio in the attic, because noise often drives them away. To catch the marten, you need official permission. Then catch box trap and release it into nature. An ultrasound with an electronic distributor can set these animals to flight. To protect the car, place chick wire on the garage floor. The animals do not like to run over it.

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The pigeons search nesting sites on the cornices and in the city and in the countryside. Their feces ruin homes and transmit diseases.

Expulsion method: Grape spikes with long tips prevent the pigeons from landing on the roof. Most of the birds fly away from raven dummies.

Now you have some tips for pest control in the garden and house. We hope you find this useful and that you can enjoy the summer in a relaxed mood.

The fly lays its larvae on food

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A nudibranch trap with beer

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They are only allowed to drive the mole

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Ensure your garden comfort

Keep your drinks always covered

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