Sound Insulation For Noise-prone Residents

The modern world is getting louder. That’s no secret. Especially in the big cities, where many people live together in a dense space, there are always conflicts. With the right soundproofing, noise-prone residents can at least partially protect themselves effectively.

Quiet living with the right soundproofing

Young party culture meets sleeping needs of local residents

For the residents of certain squares in large cities, balmy summer nights are no fun, but rather a catastrophe: Then the young party people meet late into the night outdoors and does not care about the sleeping needs of the working population and the children. In Cologne, the courts had several times with the states on Brussels Square employed and condemned the city only a few weeks ago to lower the noise level. On noise-plagued as well Gaertnerplatz in Munich try to mediate conflict managers – with little success. Cologne and Munich are just two examples of a conflict that is repeated almost every evening in German cities in this form.

Annoying neighbors soundproof apartment

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How house dwellers can protect against noise

Remedy can be special wall coverings like sound-absorbing plastic panels create. As a result, noise from the outside only penetrates the rooms in a subdued manner, thus ensuring, for example, in the room bedroom for an undisturbed night’s sleep. However, the effect of sound-absorbing panels is limited to a certain noise level. Roaring teenagers or the average traffic on a busy street are hidden, but they do not do much to counter the often even shaky noise of landing planes or thundered freight trains.

Another problem: The residents also want to ventilate on warm summer nights, to sleep at reasonably pleasant night temperatures. If the window is open, the noise can still penetrate. It is better to air in the early evening, as soon as the heat of the day has subsided and to close the window before going to bed. If it is still hot, ceiling fans or a small air conditioning system for the room.

Noise abatement apartment annoying neighbors

Tips for noise protection on the balcony

Evening silence on the balcony, while from afar the twittering of the birds penetrates the ear? In densely populated areas an illusion. Complete noise protection is an impossibility in open living areas such as the balcony or the terrace, but here too there are at least some tools: A soundproof paneling of the balcony railing ensures at least in the lower part of the balcony for more peace. In addition, high green plants such as cypresses ensure a natural lateral sound insulation. Practical side effect: The greenery also protects against prying eyes from the neighboring balcony and also looks visually attractive.

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