“Smart”protected With An Alarm System For The House

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In the meantime, there is hardly a house or apartment in Germany that is not equipped with an alarm system. This makes homeowners and tenants not only relaxed in the vacation fly, but also sleep at night quietly.

Do you already have an alarm system at the house? Do not wait until the nasty thieves ransack your home or apartment. Alarm systems warn the homeowners and frighten the burglars already in advance. But the quality of the installations varies greatly. We have made ourselves a bit smart and researched! We would like to share our opinion about a worthwhile radio alarm system for the house.

Burglary protection by an alarm system

A radio alarm system of the innovative kind

While we have searched the net for information about radio alarm systems, we are on The EASY smart home And were very pleasantly surprised and immediately convinced of the alarm system. This combines safety and comfort in one and has a super-light operation. The installation is easy without the hassle of cables. Sensors are installed on windows and doors that protect the house from the outside. The smart home recognizes and informs you about open and even tilted windows as opposed to other burglar detectors. On the genuine glass case, which should be installed next to the entrance door, you can see in red, which windows are open, in yellow the tilted windows, and in green the closed windows. This is how you see every time you leave the house where a window is open. If desired, the company also provides installation on additional touch screens, In the bedroom for easy control.

The EiMSIG smart home reacts with the lightest lever test. The system triggers an alarm signal, the lights go on and the shutters shut down. In addition, you will be informed of the telephone number you have stored or a security and security service. You can also take additional security measures such as installing video observation.

Alarm system with window sensors

Smarthome system with additional advantages

The egg Smarthome System Convinces not only through the clever protection against burglars. This will protect you from fire and flooding. The installed smoke detectors and water sensors inform you of any danger, no matter where you are. This allows the app on the go that you should install on your smartphone. This allows you to observe your property at any time, whether you are on vacation, at the gym or at work. But that’s not all! Through the app you can control everything in the house from distance. For example, you can make your house look inhabited during your holiday by turning on the lights in the evening or driving up and down the shutters in your absence. This smarthome app saves you energy and lowers your costs. Simply comfortable, safe and energy-saving!

After so many advantages, you have only one thing left to convince yourself. Let us advise you professionally and to your personal wishes and needs.

Smarthome alarm system for sentspensions vacation
Alarm house for safe living