Prevent Back Problems – Ergonomically Sitting In The Workplace

Persons who perform physically demanding activities and jobs such as masons, roofers, gardeners or asparagus sufferers often suffer from back pain. Back, neck, or pain in the shoulder, arms, or hands are also affected by people sitting at the desk during working hours. The 18 million people in Germany carry out an activity in the office, whether at home or in the company. Ergonomic office chairs that are on Can contribute to a better working feeling.

Avoid back problems and move without pain!

Sitting without back problems

Statistical changes have mainly negative effects on the intervertebral disc, the joints and the muscles. A static sitting posture, combined with a muscular tension that is too long, is responsible for back problems in about 95% of cases. The pressure on the disc is significantly higher in the sitting position than when lying or when it is sufficiently moved. Due to the fact that more and more office activities are carried out, more and more absences are caused by back pain. In 2014, the average number of employees was 1.4 days due to back problems.

In general, about half of all Germans suffers from severe back pain at least once a year, and a quarter of all people even have recurring back problems. In addition to restricted mobility, this has great psychological and physical effects for the persons concerned. In addition, the many absentees, medical visits or therapeutic measures also have considerable negative financial consequences for health insurance companies and employers.

Many people suffer from back problems

Ergonomic sitting and avoiding back problems

Back pain can be forbidden

However, back pain or other pain may be impaired if special attention is paid to the following.

  • Move, move, move: Make sure you have sufficient movement even during working hours. If the lunchtime or a smokers’ pause, the staircase rather than the elevator should be used. In addition, some things, such as telephone calls or personal conversations, can be carried out while standing, so that the back or the spine is not so heavily loaded.
  • Even outside of the working hours exercise sufficient sports: back-conserving sports such as hiking, cycling or aquafitness are particularly good. Muscle hardening can be pre-emphasized, and the spine is stabilized.
  • Lifting weights correctly: If heavy goods, such as shopping bags, suitcases or water boxes, must be lifted and transported, it is important that the legs do not bend and stretch.

In general, dynamic and comfortable sitting is also a big factor. A ergonomic office chair that is perfectly adapted to the respective body measurements and needs contributes to a large extent.

Avoid cross and back problems

Back problems at the workplace