Practical Tips For A Well Organized Home

Healthy eating, everyday tasks and lots of work – these three belong to our everyday life and should be combined well. But for a housewife it is very often problematic to plan the entire organization at home. Even more difficult is when the holidays are over and the children have to go to school. Then she needs a clever tactic to avoid the chaos in everyday life. To help all modern housewives, our editorial team has put together a selection of ideas and tips to ensure an optimal organization in the kitchen.

Plan a couple of hours for the house rules for the weekend

Be a step ahead!

Every week you need the necessary preparation and it would be best if you plan a few hours next Monday for your house organization. This will save you a lot of time during the week if you have a general list of family meals within hours.

Think carefully which foods taste best for your family and whether they are quick and easy to prepare. You can also discuss the list with the family to find the best solution. This will save you a lot of time after a hard day of work. If you are in the mood for shopping on the weekend, then you should plan a little time for it. A good alternative is to freeze the self-cooked food. This will save you a lot of time a week, because you can always get something out of the freezer, warm up and offer your loved one.

Plan healthy diet for the whole week

healthy eating

Organize your help

Children are hard-working and can always be organized as a helping hand. First of all you should make the crockery and cutlery accessible to them. If the children need something from the kitchen, they will get it by themselves without asking. For safety reasons, you can keep knives and pointed objects in a place inaccessible to the small ones.

Let your children help… It’s fun!

accessible to all house rules

Easy accessibility for all family members

accessibility ideas

In the morning it often happens that time is not enough at all. Position a large clock on the wall and set it 10 minutes ahead. This way you can avoid a possible delay. And something good is still there: you do not need a smartphone in the morning to plan the time. The wall clock should at the same time serve as decoration and as a tool for a better organization.

From Monday to Friday every second counts as important

The next point for better organization and optimal house order is the purchase list or to-do list. It is best to display the list somewhere in the kitchen so that it is easily visible to every member of the family. Imagine a Monday morning without coffee, milk or drinking water. This can be avoided with a relatively large list. In addition, the whole family is well informed about your purchases.

Tip of the editorial team – well visible to do list

to buy list and to do list ideas

What is important is that you motivate your family through practical methods to plan a well-organized homework together. In the following picture gallery we have selected more ideas for you. Follow these and avoid everyday stress!

Organize an area for children’s projects and presentations

House rules ideas

Cooking and at the same time writing homework

help each other and have fun

help with the house rules

Housekeeping kitchens