Natural Sleeping Pills: Blue Moon Milk, The Trend Drink For Good Night

From childhood, we all know that a glass of warm and sweetened milk at bedtime is very soothing and helps us fall asleep faster. This is still true today, but the recipe has a modernized version.

Instead of resorting to medications that can sometimes lead to habit, it is better to prefer natural sleep aids, such as: For example, the Blue Moon Milk – a beverage that has become very popular on Instagram. The good night milk version for 2018 comes from traditional Indian alternative medicine – Ayurveda.

Delicious and natural sleeping pills

Blue moon milk as a natural sleep aid

The Blue Moon Milk viewed up close

Put warm almond or cashew milk in your favorite glass. If necessary, you can add some honey, otherwise no further sweeteners are needed. A pinch of powder of adaptogens (supplements that can be purchased at the organic store) that boosts the immune system and balances the hormone balance also gets into the milk.

The adaptogens also help the body to balance heavy physical stress or mental stress.

What makes the Moon Milk, is Ashwagandha or in good German said the Schlafbeere. This plant is a medicine in Ayurvedic medicine and should help you fall asleep. The other important ingredient is the blue clitoris, which actually turns the milk slightly blue to purple. It should be cramp and analgesic. Furthermore, you can actually put the Moon milk to taste and cinnamon , Vanilla and even flowers of lavender or other edible flowers as a decoration insert.

Tip: For an even better effect, to relieve tension and to ensure healthy sleep, it is recommended to drink the Moon milk at the same time at bedtime.

Blue Moon Milk Recipe

natural sleep aid to prepare blue moon milk

  • 1 cup almond or cashew milk (alternatively cow’s milk)
  • 1 tsp blue clitoris
  • Pinch of nutmeg
  • 1/2 teaspoon Ashwangandha powder
  • Pinch of cinnamon

The preparation

Warm the milk slowly. Add the remaining ingredients before the milk boils. That’s all.

Tip: You can froth the milk to prepare a moon latte. Decorate with some dried blue clitoris flowers and some blueberries.

Rather, take natural sleeping pills and leave aside any medications. We wish you a peaceful night and healthy sleep!

Decorate the Moon milk so that it is also beautiful for the eyes.

Make blue moon milk yourself as a natural sleep aid

Various variations of the trend drink Moon Milk

anti stress moon milk make natural sleep aids yourself

Ashwagandha powder

ashwagandha powder for moon milk recipes for natural sleep aids

It is always better to use natural sleep aids than medications

Blue moon milk is healthy sleeping natural sleep aids

The Moon Milk can be prepared differently to taste

DIY moon milk as a natural sleep aid

The good night milk version for 2018 comes from Ayurveda

DIY natural sleep aid moon milk with spices

Use edible flowers as decoration for the Moon Milk

sleep healthy with natural sleeping milk moon milk blue
Glass of milk DIY moon milk natural sleep aids

Moon Milk with roses

sleep well natural sleeping milk moon

The Golden milk also helps to fall asleep

Turmeric moon milk as a natural sleep aid
prepare milk drinks as a natural sleeping lotion moon milk

Real art in the glass

moon milk ideas natural sleep aids

Moon Milk with lavender

moon milk with lavender natural sleep aids
natural sleeping moon milk with turmeric

Moon milk with vanilla

moon milk with vanilla natural sleep aids

Some coconut oil would also fit

moon milk recipes natural sleep aids
moon milk with roses as a natural sleep aid

Use only well-tested natural products

moon milk itself makes natural sleep aids
Moon Milk Homemade DIY Natural Sleep Aid
make natural sleep aid blue moon milk yourself
natural sleep aid diy moon milk
natural sleep aid healthy flabby moon milk
natural sleeping milk with spices

Natural sleeping pills: Matcha Moon Milk

natural sleeping milk moon with matcha

Give the Moon Milk drink a spicy touch

make natural sleep products yourself diy moon milk

What kind of Moon Milk will you prepare?

various moon milk recipes natural sleep aids