Mandala Tattoo: Worth Knowing And 67 Ideas

The tattoo lovers are always looking for inspiration and ideas for the next tattoo…

There is a variety of creative tattoos inspired by religious symbols, flowers, and animals that include these very motifs. The complicated Mandala Tattoo is a kind of symmetrical tattoo for women and men inspired by the ritual symbol of Hinduism and Buddhism. The circular shape reminds people of balance, harmony and cosmic infinity. Because of the round shape, the mandala tattoos are often tattooed on shoulders, back or hands. The tattoos with Mandala provide for a mystical charisma of its owner. Take a look at our ideas below if you are looking for the next suggestion for a can of ink on your skin.

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Interesting and worth seeing Mandala Tattoo Designs

A mandala lion as a tattoo

The meaning of the Mandala Tattoos

The meaning of the word mandala comes from Sanskrit and means “circle” or “center”. The round symbol is present in every culture and can be seen in religious symbols, architectural and natural objects. The mandala symbolizes the circle of life and this is the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end, the micro- and macrocosm united in infinity.

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A cosmic diagram of spiritual reality.

The mandalas are quite preferred as arm tattoos. It is not a must that these tattoos are presented in a round form. But this geometric form is obvious or hidden because elements of sacred geometry are integrated into it. They symbolize harmony, integrity, unity and the healing processes of nature.

The interwoven, intricate images of the mandala symbolize infinity and eternal life. They have been widespread among Buddhists, Hinduists, Indians and other cultures for centuries. In the western world, the Mandala Tattoos were introduced by Carl Jung, who holds the Mandala as the universal expression of the human psyche. He believes that if we focus on one mandala and think, we can use our intuition to clear buried emotions and wounds from the past. Therefore, it is not surprising that these motifs are tattooed on the arm.

Heart shaped mandala tattoo on forearm

Mandala tattoo and the meditation

The mandala is often used during meditation. It helps and stimulates us optically to calm our brain, to stop recurring thoughts and to reach a higher level of consciousness. The Mandala offers us a clear idea and deep understanding of ourselves at an inner, spiritual level. Therefore it is a good and practical idea to depict this kind of tattoo on body parts that we can see with our own eyes. Such places are e.g. the legs and the feet.

Design ideas for mandala tattoos

The goal of the Mandala

The goal of concentrating on the mandala is to find clarity about ourselves and ultimately to get leadership in certain areas of life that we are often confronted with.

In addition to large mandala tattoos for the poor, there are also small delicate models. Take a look at different ideas. Maybe you will find your next tattoo under our pictures.

Half mandala on the forearm
Arm tattoo mandala
Bear with mandala for the shoulder
Mandala tattoo under the breast
Flower mandala tattoo on the thighs
Design ideas for mandala
A mandala art on the back
Elbow with mandala tattoo
Mandala tatoos' for the neck
Colored mandala tattoo designs
Colored mandala tattoo
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Friendship tattoo on foot
Half mandala at the foot
A small mandala tattoo on the leg
Half mandala tattoos on the wrist
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Mandala pattern ideas
Mandala template for tattoos
Mandala tattoo on the shoulder
Mandala tattoo on the elbow
Mandala tattoo on head
Mandala tattoo design on the lower leg
Mandala tattoo for the shoulder
Mandala tattoo for forearm
Mandala tattoo behind the ear
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Several mandala tattoos all over the arm
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Shoulder mandala tattoo idea
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