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Whoever visits and reads our website regularly knows exactly which of our top themes and subject areas are. We always strive to enrich our readers with current tendencies, clever ideas and optimal solutions and go beyond our decorative and seasonal tips.

Today, for example, we would like to address a specific readership and take a close look at the demand and supply in the field of laboratory supplies. We have prepared some very good information for those who love to spend their life in a chemical laboratory. What exactly do we mean by this?

Nowadays you are accustomed to find everything you are looking for with just one click. It would also be fantastic if you could select and commission important chemical laboratory accessories with a few clicks. And if you get the chance to get all the necessary materials and spare parts in excellent and tested quality from a specialist dealer in Germany, our readers will certainly be more interested and excited!

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Laboratory accessories always received on time

The name can not be a novelty for anyone in the area. And yes, there are a lot of providers on the net where you can find everything you need, guaranteeing quality. One thing we have not discovered in the other specialty stores, which has inspired us especially for RTC.

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The Baden-based company, founded in the 1970s, remains true to its growing clientele and manages to expand its business philosophy and policy into all countries of the world. Although the number of customers grows daily, efforts are being made to ensure that there are never any late deliveries. This is also the main requirement and at the same time the promise of the company – always have the necessary accessories available and always deliver it punctually on the spot. And if you have been doing this successfully for more than 40 years, you undoubtedly deserve our respect.

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Long-standing tradition and outstanding German quality

The areas managed by RTC have remained constant over the years, and if you look at the facts, you can see that everything is correct and is related to success.

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Finally, we would like to give you something important, which, in our opinion, speaks even more for this company. Every year, RTC publishes more than 3 million manuals only for the German-speaking market. The expertise is spread in 9 other languages ​​… So if you are still undecided, where you will find a lot of seals, tubing, cocks, wires and other important elements necessary for your work in the laboratory, we hope you will be right to be advised.

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RTC still stands for good quality, professional competence and punctual delivery, which are connected with a long German tradition and great commitment.

In this spirit, we wish you continued success and good business!

Your editorial team

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