Housewife Tips On How To Use The Fruit Bowls In The Household

The pods of fruit we eat every day are not as useless as you think. In addition to cosmetics and in the kitchen, the shells of many fruits can also be used in the home. We have collected some housewife tips for you, as your home on one keep costs and ecological clean can.

Cleaning without any chemicals

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Housewife tips with lemon peel

The lemon or lime peel is a well-known natural cleanser that has become very popular. This combats both limestone and grease stains. The lemon peel can be used for cleaning the microwave and even repels insects.

Using sea salt and lemon zest, you can give your steel vessels back the shine.

With this shell you can also revive your old favorite cup. All you need to do is add a lemon peel and some hot water. After this mixture has worked for a few hours, the stains are easily removed with the sponge.

The banana peels have a versatile use

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banana peel

The banana skin can also be used in many ways in the home. This is not only an alternative cleanser but also a good fertilizer for plants. An interesting and little-known application of the banana peel is the care of accessories and shoes made of genuine leather. To bring your leather accessories to a high gloss, rub them with the inside of the banana peel and then polish with a soft cloth. The result is immediately visible and also long-lasting.

Fresh and practical

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Orange peel

The peels of many citrus fruits are ideal for making home-made fragrance spray. Whether you add other fragrances or spray it to the desired spots, you will be satisfied with the result. For this purpose, the orange, lemon and grapefruit peel are particularly suitable. These provide a fresh aroma and neutralize bad smell.

The orange peel is a great addition to the compost for flowers and plants. Please note that the smaller you cut the peel, the faster it will break down. You can also use the orange peel perfectly against tar stains on the soles of your shoes.

Housewife tips for strong colors

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Housewife tips with pomegranate cup

The pomegranate shell is a wonderful natural color for fabrics whose color palette varies from yellow to orange tones. For this goal you have to let the peel in a stainless pot with hot water. The next morning bring to the boil again and take out the gratnut apple peel. Now the paint is ready and you can put in the fabric. Leave the fabric in this home-made color for at least one day until it gets the color shade you want.

Did you know that the fruit bowls have such a widespread use in the household? We hope you have learned something from our housewife’s tips today and wish you a lot of fun with the implementation.

The orange peel can serve as a decoration and be used as a wonderful fragrance

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Take advantage of the bowls of fruits in the household

Housewife tips on how to use the fruit bowls in the household

Make fresh scent at home

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Housewife’s tips for glamorous cooking pots

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Maintain the leather shoes well with banana skin

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The orange peels are a great addition to the compost

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Prepare a chemical-free cleaner for the windows

Air fresheners themselves make housewife tips

The lemon peel can be used for cleaning the microwave

Microwave cleaning housewife cleaning without chemistry

Keep your house clean in a cost-effective and ecological way

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Orange cup Christmas scent itself make housewife tips

Strengthen your flowers with banana peels

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Stop the bad smell from the sink

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Prepare facial peel of orange peel yourself