Healthy And Attractive Skin With St. Moriz Self-tanner

Bottle. Our recommendation is: St. Moriz self-tanner. Because these contain, in contrast to other products, extra nourishing substances such as vitamin E and olive milk, do not dye the clothes and have no unpleasant odor.

Further advantages and application tips will be available soon…

Create radiant, brown skin with St. Moriz self-tanner

Self-tanner for better self-confidence

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What is in the self-tanner in it?

We all know that the sun’s rays are harmful to the skin. Next a sunburn which can endanger all skin types, the UV rays dry the skin and increase the risk of skin cancer. The self-tanners dye the skin by a superficial chemical reaction with the contained dihydroxyacetone substance and the cells form dark pigments. Depending on the DHA concentration causes a more or less intense tan. This process takes about 4 to 5 hours. Meanwhile, the cosmetics industry offers imaginative Selbstbräunerprodukte such. Tanning lotion, tanning lotion, tanning gel, self-tanning mousse / spray or tanning towels.

The St. Moriz self-tanner is available in different ways. For example, the instant formula can be compared to a covering make-up. This product immediately colors the skin and lasts only a few hours. It is then like the make-up with soap and water washable. The tanning effect of the gradual self-tanner appears only after a lasting application in a few days and has a skin-care effect. And for the impatient there is the fast-mousse self-tanner, which is visible after about 60 minutes, a slight tan. The longer this fast mousse stays on the skin, the more intense the taint becomes. See more St. Moriz self-tanning products that you can also get delivered directly to your home.

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The right application is important

Almost everyone who has ever resorted to the tanning room has been confronted with ugly stains and streaks. To avoid this and to achieve a nice, even effect, one should prepare the skin before using something. Since the DHA active substance reacts with the uppermost cornea, it is absolutely necessary to wash and exfoliate it. Some experts even advise shaving the body hair. Caution is required on the face and joints. The fine hair on the face, such as the hairline or eyebrows often annoying edges. Here, it is better to be economical with the self-tanner, to apply a moisturizer in advance, and gently wipe with a soft handkerchief 3 minutes after applying the tanner.

The elbows and heels are severely keratinized areas. Take a small amount of the tanning lotion and mix it with a dab of moisturizer to prevent it from appearing in full intensity. Another tip: so that not much self-tanning deposits on the joints, go over it with a wet cotton pad.

It is best to use an applicator glove for application to prevent unsightly staining and discoloration of the hands. These also help to massage the tanning cream evenly. The spray products, however, come directly to the skin, but also here you should ensure a uniform spray.

Do not wait until your vacation to get a nice brown skin. Make your own experience with the self-tanner from the tube and take care of your well-being.

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