Characteristics Of Banana Bowls, Which Are Important For Every Household

Waste that is versatile? Yes, it is about the banana bowls, which are particularly useful in our everyday life. These are important not only for our health, but also for every household. For this reason, our editorial team has summarized the most important features of the banana bowls, which can make every household management easier.

Composting and fertilizer

Compost from banana dishes sounds for a lot of gardeners perhaps somewhat skeptical. Normally the compost consists of organic waste, but the combination with banana peels leads to surprising results.

Fertilizers can also be used as the banana peels, because they receive many nutrients, which promote plant growth. It also protects the garden from diseases and bacteria. Composting with shells is considered to be a high aggregation of minerals in the fertilizer when combined with poultry droppings.

Banana bowls – perfect and optimal fertilizer

Compost banana bowls

If you have problems with the plants, such as fungus and insect infestation, then the banana bowls will be very helpful. For this you have to cut them into small pieces and put them in the ground. It is recommended to reach a maximum depth of 6 cm, but it depends on the size of the plant. For larger plants, you can put the banana bowls at a depth of 7 cm.

Cut small pieces and put them in the ground

Composting with banana bowls

Banana peels as polishing agents

Banana bowls are recommended by many polishers. It is hard to believe, but these have a great and, above all, optimal polishing effect applied to different surfaces. Examples of these are the shoes, which can be cleaned and polished using the outer wrappings of the fruit. In order to achieve the luster effect, simply rub the leather shoes with the shell and then polish with a dry cloth. The end result is a shiny and well polished leather.

The polishing effect of the banana bowls is sensational

Use of banana bowls

Furniture such as sofas and chairs can be easily polished, even if they are not made of leather. The banana bowls can also be used for wooden furniture, wooden floors and wooden surfaces. Thus, small scratches and stains or other impurities disappear from the surface of the furniture.

Banana bowls also have a different advantage, they can also shine silverware. You do not need to rub your silver pieces with the inside of the fruit, but mix the banana bowls with water. The consistency can be called paste, which is very carefully used to clean silverware. Chrome and stainless steel can also be polished very optimally with banana bowls.

Carefully rub and have shiny shoes

Leather care with banana bowls

Experts are of the opinion that the banana bowls are more useful than the pulp, because the amazing uses are very numerous. Other important aspects of the fruit such as acne and wrinkle fight, read here.

Banana peel profile