Canada Attractions: The 8 Most Beautiful Lakes In Canada!

“Nature is a letter from God to mankind.”- Plato, Greek philosopher

If you love nature and its beautiful creations in different parts of the world, you should at least once in your life look at the 8 most beautiful lakes in Canada. Let yourself be seduced by Canada’s attractions…

Canada is ranked second among all countries in the world according to the number of largest lakes on its territory. In the first place is only Russia. Canada’s nature is simply impressive, and no one can remain indifferent at their sight. The most beautiful lakes in Canada are definitely in the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta. They are famous for their turquoise waters and the most impressive mountains that surround them.

Today, we will give you good travel tips and a small taste by reporting a bit about all the eight lakes that are part of Canada’s sights. Have fun!

A natural wonder and great sight

Canada spotted lake as a worth seeing place

Point 8: Spotted Lake

The best season to visit and admire Spotted Lake is the summer. This lake is located in Oskogan Valley, British Columbia. The strange colors of the lake do not arise because of the water, but because of the various minerals contained there. During hot summer days, when the water evaporates, the minerals remain on the surface.

Therefore the colored spots can also be seen.

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Garibaldi lake as a canadian landmark

Number 7: Garibaldi Lake

The Garibaldi Lake is located in Garibaldi Provincial Park. This is very picturesque and surrounded by snow mountains and wild forests. The lake is within 90 minutes of Vancouver, British Columbia by car. Those of you who want to visit it have to walk the 18 km long walk and the long walk (between 5 and 6 hours). Many tourists stay at the lakeside in tents, which you booked in advance. So you can admire the Garibaldi lake completely.

Convince yourself of Canada’s sights

Ontario lake in canada as a holiday destination

Number 6: Ontario Lake

Ontario Lake has been named after the Canadian province of the same name. This lake is the 14th largest in the world. It is not far from the Niagara waterfall and is a connection between the Great Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean. Many swimmers want to cross the 51 kilometer long lake, but only 50 have fulfilled this project so far.

Winter vacation at Canadian Abraham Lake

Canada abraham lake as a worth seeing place

Number 5: Abraham Lake

The Abraham Lake is located in Alberta, Canada. This is a relatively short time ago, in 1972. Winter is the best time to visit Lake Abraham. The rotting process of the plants releases methane. For this reason, frozen bubbles form and give a spectacular sight.

The emerald green water captivates the view

Emerald lake in canada is worth seeing

Number 4: Emerald Lake

This is the largest lake in Yoho National Park, British Columbia. The best time to visit is in June, because the lake is still frozen. The Emerald Lake impresses with its emerald green water. This color is due to the powdered lime in the water.

Peyto lake in canada

Number 3: Peyto Lake

Peyto Lake is located in Banff National Park and attracts many tourists every year. The deep turquoise water contrasts very well with the neighboring mountains. This is also one of the reasons that many photographers are attracted annually here.

A lake of louise lake

Number 2: Louise Lake

This lake forms the central part of a famous resort in Canada. The beautiful lake Louise has been named after the daughter of Queen Victoria. Many enthusiasts dare to swim in its cold turquoise waters. Tourists can take long walks and walks through the surrounding countryside in the summer, and can go skiing in the winter.

Canada attractions and the morain lake

Number 1: Moraine Lake

First, make sure you have enough space in your camera when you plan to visit Moraine Lake. This beautiful sight will definitely not leave you indifferent and you will want to capture every moment of your stay there on picture.

Which of the 8 Canada attractions would you like to travel?

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Nelson lake in canada

Emerald Lake

Emerald lake as canada attractions

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Nipigon lake in canada as a destination
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Louise lake in winter canada attractions
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