6 Refreshing Garden Herbs For The Summer

We have a lot on the effect and implantation of garden herbs and spices written. Today we want to look at it from another”tastier”page. Besides healing, the herbs are also delicious, especially as an ingredient for refreshing summer cocktails. We will introduce you to some garden herbs that will make you popular through the summer and will accompany you at the table all the time.

Season delicious and cool drinks with garden herbs

garden herbs summer drink ideas refreshing drinks

Garden Herbs: The mint as a refreshing ingredient

The classic mojito cocktail is a favorite for many. The mint has a refreshing and cooling effect, which makes it the ideal healthy herb for the summer.

The lemon provides extra freshness

chamomile iced tea garden herbs summer drinks


Chamomile ice tea with lemon and honey is a great drink for the summer. Except that this is more than healthy, it will tone you up and charge you with energy.

Basil cucumber sangria

cucumber basil sangria garden herbs summer drink ideas


The basil is also a suitable garden herb for the summer heat and cooling cocktails. It frees your body from toxins, stress and it is believed that basil also increases sexual potency.

Strengthen your immune system in a refreshing way

elderberry summer drink garden herbs recipe ideas


One of the strongest immune stimulants is the syrup of black elderberry and the white elderberry juice is a coveted tonifying drink for the warm months.

Ensure physical well-being and refreshment

drink ideas summer garden herbs tezeptideen


The Aronia juice is a delicious, refreshing and healthy summer drink. The Aronia improves blood circulation, toning, detoxifying and antiseptic. It has a beneficial effect on the thyroid gland, lowers blood cholesterol and acts as a diuretic. Because of the high vitamin content, the aronia strengthens the immune system.

You can also make the ice cubes with garden herbs

lemon balm cocktails garden herbs recipe ideas

lemon balm

The incredibly delicious and intense lemon fragrance is very refreshing for the senses. Even simple water gets a kick and becomes a refreshing summer drink.

Tip: If you want to test the taste of garden herbs, you can simply automate a glass of mineral water with fresh herbs. So you can experience the taste pure and then you can try different mixes and consider what fits (lemon, fruits, juices, etc.)

Do you already have the listed garden herbs? Try different drinks with it and find your favorite. We are sure that you will enjoy several different cocktails and herbal combinations. Just experiment and find a refreshing, toning and healthy drink for those hot summer days.

Drink water with seasoning

refreshing summer drinks garden herbs ice water

Summer drink with chamomile and strawberries

strawberry chamomile drink garden herbs

Refresh yourself with healthy drinks

Prepare cocktail with fennel

fennel cocktail garden herbs cocktail recipes

Try the combination of Aronia and Basil

garden herbs aronia basil mojito recipe summer drinks

Strain the drink so that there are no herb pieces in it

cool drink ideas lemon balm garden herbs

The parsley is also widely used

parsley cocktail garden herbs refreshing drinks

The thyme also provides a great aroma

thyme garden herbs cocktails recipe ideas

Woodruff lemonade

waldmeisterlimonade garden herbs refreshing drinks