28 Interesting Facts That You Should Know About The 2018 World Cup!

The biggest sporting event for 2018 is just around the corner. This Thursday, the football World Cup starts in Russia and the interest is enormous. Four years ago, around 3.5 billion people watched the football matches – half of the world’s population. For this reason, our editorial team would like to present 28 interesting FIFA World Cup 2018 facts that you need to know about this World Cup!

  1. This will be the 21st World Cup. The first was organized 88 years ago. In 1930, millions of people were looking forward to starting in Uruguay.

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2. 32 countries will participate in this year’s World Cup and the individual debutants are Iceland and Panama.

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3. The 2018 World Cup will be played on a total of 12 stadiums. 11 cities will take over the host role. Only Moscow has the chance to host twice.

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4. All World Championship titles have so far been brought by European or South American teams. The Europeans have the dominant role – 11: 9 titles won. Whether Messi will win the tenth or Cristiano the twelfth, we can only guess!

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5. Brazil is the first nation to be qualified for all 21 World Championships. In this context, we note that the Brazilians are also a record champions – won the world title 5 times!

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6. In 2018 Germany will have the chance to equal the record champions Brazil. The German national team has four titles so far.

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7. Portugal will try to become the first team to win a European and World Championship successively. So far only Germany, Spain and France have made it.

Portugal's team poses with the flag of Portugal at the end of their Euro 2016 qualifying match against Denmark at Municipal Stadium in Braga

8. The first World Cup was won by Uruguay in 1930.

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9. England have a total of 62 World Cup games and 11 of them have drawn. A bit boring, right?

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10. Brazil also holds the record for the most red cards – 11. Argentina and Uruguay also have 10 and 9.

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11. Most goals in a World Cup were scored in 2014 and 1998 – a total of 181!

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12.Miroslav Klose is the all-time scorer with the most goals – 16 goals

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13. Thomas Müller has the chance to break the record for most assistants. Only 2 are enough for the balance!

Soccer International European Championship 2016: Northern Ireland - Germany

14.The record for the largest number of participants in the World Cup is borne by Lothar Matthäus and Antonio Carvajal.

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15. Only a third of the host countries have won the World Cup. So bad news for Russia!

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16. In the qualifying matches Germany has the best goal difference: +39 goals


17.This World Cup offers for the first time the opportunity to use a video referee.

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18. Since Panama was qualified for the World Cup on 11 October, the President declared that day a national holiday.

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19. The tickets for this year’s World Cup vary between 90 and 900 euros.

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20.For Germany, this World Cup will be as title defense. So a difficult task!

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21. 30.6 million euros gets the winner in the final and the loser gets”only”22.5 million euros.

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22. Approximately 200 million euros, the German TV stations are said to have paid for the transfer.

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23. The team doctors will have access to the cameras and video material to react faster.

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24. Our national team has the chance to become the first successful defending champion.

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25. According to statistics, Germany could still leave in the group stage.

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26. The coach Joachim Loew has extended his contract until 2022. Good news, right?

Soccer: World Cup Argentina vs Germany

27. With 885 million euros, the German national team is fourth in the ranking of the most expensive teams.

Soccer International European Championship 2016: Northern Ireland - Germany

28th Spain and Germany have managed to win all qualifiers.

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A football World Cup that brings with it a lot of excitement. More interesting details and World Cup 2018 facts will be you here Find!