20 Romantic Congratulations To The Wedding

Are you invited to a wedding soon? As a guest at a wedding, you should think of a wedding present and a happy birthday. Meanwhile, the gifts are in the form of money or vouchers, which makes it easier to choose. But it is much harder to come up with and formulate the congratulations for the wedding. But do not worry! We provide you with 20 beautiful and romantic, short and long congratulations for the wedding. These can awaken the poetic touch in you and inspire you. Or you can combine two or more beautiful example texts together.

Write the most beautiful congratulations to the wedding

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Tips on how to formulate the congratulations for the wedding

Of course, only the very best wishes to the newlywed bride and groom! But to put this message nicely on paper is often difficult. If you know the bride and groom and are very close to him, you will surely know what a wish, a dream or a goal both have.

Described on a wedding card with the wish that everything comes true, it is already a great and personal wedding greetings. The individual greetings, combined with a short and romantic quote for example, are usually sufficient.

Try to put into words what you want to give to the bridal couple in their married life. Here are some great examples:

Love and only the best for your common life wish you…


May you always be as happy and in love as today! All the best and good luck wish you…


The love and joy of this day should always determine your life! All love, happiness and health wish you…

Romantic sayings or short quotes

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Romantic poems and quotes

On the greetings card is usually not much free space to write whole novels. The romantic quotes and poems are perfect to express in a nutshell what is so wonderful about the love between two people.

Who does not love, will be the beautiful Maien,

as good as he can, but unfortunately only half pleased.

Johann von Goethe


Love is a celebration, it not only needs to be prepared, but also celebrated.



We were born for love.

It is the foundation of our existence

and her own goal.

Benjamin Disraeli


Write love poems in the guestbook

Guest book wedding congratulations to the wedding

In the guest book you can leave a little longer personal congratulations on the wedding. After the wedding celebration and many years later, the bride and groom will be happy to open the guest book if they find a romantic poem in between the wedding wishes. So give the guest book some romance!

Let’s move on to the main goal of our theme, and to help you through great examples and ideas for wedding congratulations, for free!

Make for moving congratulations

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Going together happily through life,
to make sense of existence.
Have patience and a lot of understanding,
because then comes the realization
that the whole beautiful world
Love only holds together.

Everything will succeed then
and bring you so much joy
that no misfortune reaches you,
because love makes it easy for you,
Hard to overcome
and to find the big luck.


You are one now, you two, and we are one with you. Drink a glass of good wine for the duration! And stay at all times facing each other through strife and discord will never destroy your covenant.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Make a smile on the bride’s face

Love, what a lovely haze,

but in marriage, there is the art.

Theodor Storm


Always be guided by love,
You should be in good and bad times,
always faithful together
and so go through all life.


To find people who feel and feel with us, is probably the best luck on earth.

Carl Spitteler


Herzlich: Good marriage start!
All luck! And good ride!
Your love should above all things
steadily bringing you closer to each other.
Never let your luck slip.
Everyone wishes you that; especially me!


To marry is to give up small things in order to have greater values.


Write down your thoughts first

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Today you are crowning your love with a marriage promise! Two hearts have found each other and want to fight each other for a lifetime. This is something very special! And maybe – maybe a third heart will beat in the same bar soon… We wish you all the best for your future and send congratulations to your wedding!


The shortest words,”yes”and”no”, require the most thought.



Where two hearts connect,
that can not separate the world,
because they both feel the same,
Heaven agrees songs.
Where two like-minded souls
promised love and faithfulness
the blessing will never be missed
in the life of beautiful May.

May you be united
for the serious life,
happy every hour,
that heaven gives you.
May God direct the storms,
that they have nothing to do with you,
may he give you peace
for the whole life course!


Only now does life begin

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Marrying is not the happy ending, but always a start.

Federico Fellini


Love is not a solo
Love is a duet.

Adelbert of Chamisso


The ringing of the wedding bells brings the joyful news out into the world! Today is married! We are glad that you”trust”and wish you for all time happiness, contentment and loving harmony.


To love a person means to consent to grow old with him.

Albert Camus


It has to be something wonderful
To love two souls!
They completely enclose one another,
Never hide a word!
And joy and sorrow and happiness and need
So wear each other!
From the first kiss to death
Only to speak of love.

Oscar von Redewitz


An interesting guestbook idea

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For the wedding, this way

Thank you for the congratulations and gifts

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