Student Designer Furniture For Victims Of Eviction

We have selected the following collection of designer furniture for presentation on our website for several good reasons. Some of our designs are very simple: the following modern interior design ideas can be easily assembled and disassembled; They are very stable after installation, but at the same time they can easily be moved from one to the other, so they are generally very practical and still have a very modern look. In addition, the furniture collection symbolizes the idea of ​​modern design. It must respond to people’s current needs and reflect global trends.

The designer furniture collection at the Habitari Fair in Helsinki

designer furniture modern house idea

The concrete occasion for the designer furniture collection

In this case, the concrete reason for this collection was the current refugee crisis. That brought together ten different Finnish students. They considered what the victims of forced displacement need most in their temporary or permanent settlements.

The solutions are simple, but they are by no means at the expense of comfort. They are very modern and correspond to the current designer furniture trends. This is certainly helpful for building self-confidence and for integration into society.

The most diverse combination options are endless

design furniture beautiful furniture for interior decoration

A nice appearance

The different pieces of furniture appear within the collection like modules that can be combined quite flexibly. No matter which constellation you choose, the whole thing gives a nice and modern picture. The comfort in terms of practical use and the cozy appearance are guaranteed. The furniture is suitable for small and larger premises. In the first case, they help to maximize space utilization without visual restriction and the feeling of constriction. In the second case, one achieves a seamless, minimalist design, which works very well in this form and can always be well supplemented.

The bed in the corner also serves to protect privacy

designer furniture great furniture in the house

Comfortable storage

The comfortable storage options are one of the three crucial aspects of the designer furniture collection. This task was solved above all by shelves, which can be easily integrated into rooms of different sizes and shapes. Special attention was paid to the most vulnerable victims of the displacement, namely the children. Their toys can be conveniently collected in stylish large boxes.

Storage furniture is of vital importance even for the simplest of modern interiors

wall bin idea design furniture

Great bed design

Finland’s designer furniture collection includes several different bedding models. They are adapted to different situations and specific needs. We have a model that can partly serve as a double bed or two beds. It is a modular concept that can be used in various forms. A low bed can offer extra sleeping on the floor. Our favorite model is this, which looks like a box and with the help of a curtain at the same time a person can completely shield from the environment. Especially for women.

This simple bed would be well-suited to any modern interior design

designer furniture bed first floor

Also suitable for private use?

The designer furniture collection of the students of Lahti University of Applied Sciences was exhibited at the furniture fair Habitari Fair in Helsinki. Several aid organizations participated in the project. Special EU funding has made the realization possible. The furniture should be ideal for the needs of the refugees. Certainly, however, they are also very suitable for private use. With her perfectly thought-out character and her simple yet very chic and modern look. Refugees need it the most, but in life no other person can be superfluous. Let yourself be inspired by the ideas for your own modern interior design.

The model can be used as well as a double and two single beds

designer furniture double bed idea

The flexible designer lights are another important part of the project

Designer furniture sleeps at two levels

Such a bed is good for extra sleeping in the context of modern interiors

one more bedroom design furniture

… and the bed-sitting area up close!

design furniture idea to sleep

Raumverschränkng and storage options in one!

design furniture original storage idea

Here, the function of the space division is combined with the design of a quiet corner

design furniture idea to rest

The children of refugees need special attention

children's bin idea design furniture

Simple storage space ideas in the right dimensions are always good to use

great storage designer furniture

Of course you also need a great seating. Relaxed meals help with stress relief!

designer furniture great seating