Tinker Christmas Tree From Books Yourself

Have you ever thought that your book collection can be designed within minutes in a large Christmas tree? If you have not tried this DIY idea yourself, then the project may sound a bit untypical. But hundreds of people love this idea and do it again and again every Christmas. Our editorial team would like to deal with this topic today and illustrate it with imaginative pictures and instructions. Stay tuned!

Give your living room a cool look

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How to make the Christmas tree from books yourself

This DIY idea is one of the easiest projects with Christmas decoration and for this reason we would like to present a practical guide with helpful tips. The project has something for every taste, because the entire look can be individually designed.

Size, width, color and texture may vary.

First of all, you should think about which size of the Christmas tree will best suit your interior design. If the room height is optimal for Christmas trees over 1.5 meters, then you have the opportunity to realize a beautiful DIY craft idea and to make a fancy Christmas tree of books yourself.

For the standard size of this very special Christmas tree you need a lot of old or new books. If you prefer to use old books for the project, then it is very important to wipe the dust off before positioning the Christmas tree in a room. Only then can you really start stacking. Start with about 10 books and create a circle that will serve as a foundation for the entire construction. The first level with reading books should definitely be very stable and robust. Carefully place the individual books on the floor surface and form a Christmas tree.

Stack the books carefully

Diy tips Christmas tree newsprint craft ideas

Position the Christmas tree correctly

Since it is about a Christmas tree made of books, then we would like to place a lot of value on the positioning. The shape and structure are considered not very stable and therefore a well-planned position is an advantage. Many homeowners opt for vacant corners in the house or for rooms that are big enough and have space for a tall Christmas tree. The strategic position can thus guarantee the safety of small children and pets and thus avoid possible negative consequences. Families with dogs, cats and toddlers should opt for a smaller Christmas tree.

Decide on an optimal place for the Christmas tree from books

Tinker tips for Christmas tree from old books

Which decoration fits best?

The Christmas tree made of books differs greatly from the traditional variants, because the entire construction is very specific. For this reason, the Christmas decoration is designed differently than before. Since the Christmas tree is made of books, the individual levels offer small areas for decorative elements. Integrate fairy lights, garlands and Christmas balls and let your Christmas tree shine out of books.

Be creative in the design

Diy instructions christmas tree made of newsprint craft ideas

After you know our helpful tips for the project, our team would like to introduce you to a cool picture gallery that offers ideas for every taste.

You will need more than 50 books for the project

Tinker tips for Christmas tree from books

Use the whole book collection as a Christmas decoration? Why not?

Tips for Christmas tree from old books

Never forget the fairy lights

Christmas tree from paper crafting ideas

Smart Christmas decoration with books

Tinker Christmas tree from old books

Fairy lights give the Christmas tree a cool look

Christmas tree from books fold craft ideas

Place the gifts next to the Christmas tree

Christmas tree from books fold diy crafting ideas

Christmas tree made of paper craft ideas
Tinker Christmas tree from books yourself
Instructions Christmas tree from books

to tinker with old books

fold out of books diy crafting ideas

Craft ideas Christmas tree from books

Books, magazines and notebooks are also among the materials of this crafting idea

tree from books fold diy craft ideas guide

Creative alternatives with books

Diy tips from newsprint craft ideas

Vintage suitcases provide a stable surface for the construction

Diy tips Christmas tree from paper craft ideas

The larger the number of books, the higher the Christmas tree will be

for Christmas tree from old books tinker Christmas tree from books