Creative Alternatives That Replace The Classic Christmas Tree

Forget the traditional ideas for the classic Christmas tree, because our editors have chosen a better variant for your home decor for the upcoming holidays. There are enough alternatives such as the Christmas tree branches . books and palette n shape. But in this article, we want to go one step higher and look at the exclusive alternatives to classic Christmas decorations.

Shelving Christmas

The first idea of ​​our editorial team is designed in an invaluable way. You do not need to buy anything for the project, no materials are needed, just your shelves and items in white and green. This idea is more about the creative design and sorting of things. Sort the green objects in a Christmas tree shape. Start from the bottom and gradually go up and pick things in light and dark green, so that a design highlight could arise. Books, suitcases and packaging can be optimally sorted on the shelf. For the gaps left and right you need the same things, but in white, to underline the green lines better. A home accessory can play the role of the poinsettia and be positioned at the top.

So easily and quickly you can make an alternative to the classic Christmas tree yourself

Shelf concepts and design of christmas tree ideas

Alternatives to the classic Christmas tree: pegboard with Lichgestaltung

The next DIY project will give your room a unique look. The idea is after the Pegboard principle designed. For this you need screwdrivers, a wooden plate, screws and a string. Just like the first idea, you should make a shape of Christmas tree with the screws.

The string will then be fastened with the screws to form a triangle. For the project you need a string of lights that is long enough for the wood panel, because the lighting design is the crucial element for this project. The design claim of the project is shown by the attractive lighting design, which is designed in the shape of a Christmas tree. When you are done with this, then only the correct positioning of the wood panel in a living room remains.

With simple steps to the perfect end result

Instructions diy christmas tree design

Creative highlight with lighting design

Christmas tree alternative ideas

Christmas tree from pictures

Individual, attractive and creative – this is how our editorial staff describes this idea for the design of a Christmas tree. Hardly any other Christmas tree brings so much joy, as the following DIY project, because the structure consists of your favorite pictures. The cool pictures create a unique look that impresses from afar. Your guests will definitely love the idea! More than 30 pictures are needed for the project, so that you can create a striking Christmas tree shape. But save the necessary stability of the Christmas tree from pictures.

A Christmas tree from your pictures makes for a great atmosphere during the holidays

Christmas decoration itself

Scandinavian Christmas tree

Finally we have something for lovers of Scandinavian decoration. The elements reveal at first glance that this is an attractive DIY alternative to the classic Christmas tree. Here you need a pine board, black wall paint and previous knowledge of painting. Start by drawing the Christmas tree and make a shape to your own taste. As decoration You can attach Christmas balls with screws.

Scandinavian Christmas tree? Yes, please!

cool ideas and tips Scandinavian

An attractive end result as a Christmas decoration

Scandinavian decoration

Our editors have focused on the 4 best DIY alternatives, but that does not mean that the ideas end with it. If you have not yet selected a suitable idea, then you can see the remaining variants in the following picture gallery. Have fun browsing!

Cool alternative make for a festive mood

Make Christmas decoration yourself

Tinkering with wood is always fun

Christmas tree guide cool ideas and tips

Choose the materials to your taste

Christmas tree alternative decoration variants

Christmas tree DIY guide cool ideas and tips

Minimalist Christmas tree sounds great!

DIY ideas make Christmas tree alternative decoration variants

With natural materials you can make a cool Christmas tree yourself

Branches christmas tree diy instructions cool ideas and tips

cool ideas and tips Christmas tree

Every alternative needs only one thing: imagination

DIY instructions cool ideas and tips

DIY ideas make alternative decoration variants

Christmas tree made of books and mirrors? Sounds cool, right?

Concepts and design of Christmas tree ideas mirror

Concepts and design of Christmas tree ideas

make your own Christmas tree alternative decoration variants