Christmas Decoration With Vintage Suitcases

When it comes to vintage ideas, we can remember the many old pieces of furniture and decorative elements that create a special interior. But in this article, our editorial staff would like to present an atypical Christmas decoration that is currently generating an extremely high level of worldwide interest – the vintage suitcases. Yes, you’ve read it right, a combination of Christmas decorations and vintage suitcases exists, and trust us, the end result will only positively affect the overall decoration.

A vintage suitcase can be the eye-catcher in every room

Make christmas decorations yourself

The vintage suitcases – a brilliant idea

Almost every family has one or more pieces of the old suitcases that are simply in the basement, considered useless and radiating only nostalgia and romance. Now is the time to position the suitcases in the living rooms, because they will play an important role in Christmas.

For the vintage items: the older the suitcases look and have more signs of wear, the better the appearance looks. So do not worry if the old suitcases look pretty bad or outdated.

Easy to design and cool looking

suitcase deco christmas tips

The vintage suitcase – combinations with decorative elements

Only with vintage suitcases you will not reach the expected end result. For this you need the traditional Christmas decoration, which could be placed in the inside of the suitcase. The large selection includes the decorative elements made of paper and the shiny materials in gold, silver or rose gold. Position as many decorative pieces as possible in the case.

Select the appropriate decorative pieces

Design and ideas for suitcases as a christmas decoration

If you do not find the traditional Christmas decoration suitable for the design of the vintage suitcase, then we have an alternative solution for you – natural materials. After the great interest in previous articles about decoration made of branches and pine cones, we can say that this idea is very popular in Germany. Collect several pine cones and small branches that can fit in the suitcase. Design a combination of natural materials.

Natural materials are becoming a trend this year

Design yourself crafting suitcases

The next idea is considered very creative and delivers a unique look in every room. The vintage suitcases are perfect as a candle holder and can secure a place for more than 6 candles. The advantages are clear: an imaginative lighting design that creates an atmospheric atmosphere. Pay attention to the candles, because these decorative pieces are considered a bit risky. Do not forget to blow out the candles, even if you go out for a second. This will avoid negative consequences for your decoration and the whole house.

Take care of the elegant lighting design

Ideas and vintage christmas colors

The variety and variety with vintage suitcases is definitely allowed. Very often, the old items have a specific smell and many homeowners find the vintage suitcase as no decoration piece. For this reason, we recommend that you do not position the Christmas decorations inside, but on the suitcase. The look remains just as attractive and festive, but the course is smaller, of course. Choose only the most important decorative elements and place them on the vintage suitcase. Small Christmas trees are perfect for this.

Position the suitcase strategically in the room

Christmas decoration design tinker suitcase

Take a look at our current ideas and get the old vintage suitcases from the basement, because they are attractively brought into play this time. Be inspired by the following picture gallery!

Small Christmas tree, natural materials and fairy lights are just as well in the suitcase

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Vintage suitcase christmas decoration

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