Are Christmas Tree Ornaments, The Easy-to-make

Christmas tree ornament blue ball decorated decoration ChristmasChristmas tree ornaments

Soon is Christmas time! That’s why we want to introduce you to some great ideas for Christmas tree ornaments, which are easy to make.

Paisley gem Christmas tree ornaments

Strudel, tears and small dots cover satin balls as frost on the winter window. All you need is a white paint marker and some colorful Christmas balls.

Salt dough Christmas tree ornaments

Christmas tree ornament dough red white snowflakes heart Christmas decoration

This delicate Christmas tree ornaments are very Süß-but they are not to eat. Prepare the dough. For this, you need salt, flour and water. Cut snowflakes with cookie cutters. Bake the shapes. Draw hearts and points with a red felt-tip pen. Hang every ornament on the Christmas tree through a festive Twine.

Welcome Christmas tree ornaments

red ball snowflake Christmas tree ornaments Christmas decoration

Paint a ball with red acrylic paint. When the paint dries, glue a label with letters and snowflakes. Impress your family with great decoration!

Bimmelnde bells Christmas tree ornaments

Christmas tree ornaments glass Bell red ball band Christmas decoration

Fill small red balls in a glass Bell. Wrap band around the upper part of the Bell. Listen to the pleasant music of the bells?

How about ornaments with sea-shells as Christmas tree?

bullet shells sand beach Christmas tree ornament Blue Christmas decoration

Bring the beach into the Christmas decoration. Glue sea shells and sand on the colorful Christmas tree bells. Do you like the sommeliche atmosphere?

Patterned paper as a Christmas tree ornament

Christmas tree ornament red white patterned snowflake Christmas decoration

Cut a triangular shape made of patterned cardboard. Glue a red snowflake on the upper part. Find inspiration from these ideas?

How do you find these glazed pine cones as Christmas tree ornaments?

Christmas tree ornaments snow band white pine cones

Take a walk in the forest and collecting natural materials for your Christmas tree decoration. Clean the juice from the pine cones. Dust the edges with a snow spray. Tie a colorful festive band up to add charm to the tree.

Gemstone bells Christmas tree ornaments

Christmas tree ornament precious pink-blue-green ball Christmas decoration

Draw a sphere with pink acrylic paint. Allow the paint to dry and glue rows of multicolored gems evenly. Add splendour to the Interior of your home!

Check out this interessaten Christmas tree decoration ideas on! Tell us your opinion! We wish you lots of fun!

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