40 Ideas For DIY – Christmas Decoration From Glass Bottles!

The numerous and creative Christmas ideas seem endless. After the successful articles with Pallets Deco and natural materials Now is the time for the next super attractive DIY idea with bottles. It is no secret that wine bottles, beer bottles and various other glass bottles can be used to create a fancy Christmas decoration. Which ideas still remain a trend this year, you will learn in the following paragraphs.

Cool DIY craft ideas from bottles

Attractive christmas decoration diy bottles

DIY ideas with glass bottles

The wide selection of ideas includes the typical symbols, textures and decorative elements for Christmas. The classic shape of the bottles is perfect for table decoration.

For this reason, you should get several empty bottles and carefully remove the labels first and clean the inside as much as possible.

Only then can you continue. If you have a clear idea, such as mastering small Christmas trees, Santa Claus, Rudolph or similar symbols, then you need the right color for it. Red, green, silver or gold can be optimally combined with the glass bottles. For this you need a paint spray that can be applied simply from the tin to glass bottles. Spray evenly and above all carefully. Since it is an attractive Christmas decoration, you can use shiny colors to make the special table decoration.

A perfect and atmospheric table decoration

Doing crafts with bottles make your own garden

A beautiful table decoration usually consists of 3 to 5 glass bottles and could be designed in different sizes. This means that you can combine the wine and beer bottles together and make a festive decoration.

Be very careful when decorating the bottles. If you have no prior knowledge of such DIY ideas then we recommend using rubber gloves during the design.

The glass bottles in brilliant colors will attract the eye

Christmas decoration tinkering instruction tips

Paint bottles

The alternative to the color spray is definitely the elegant painting of the bottles with atmospheric illustrations. This step is more difficult than the first idea, but with a little imagination and help from your children, you will achieve a perfect end result. Paint with a special paint for glass surfaces and schedule a drying time for the bottles before decorating with other materials. Even if you have no experience with painting, Christmas trees, poinsettias, snow and snowmen are very easy to paint. The following two pictures will give you a more precise idea of ​​it.

Paint Christmas figures creatively

make your own with glass bottles

Festive illustrations create a cozy atmosphere

Instructions Make Christmas decorations yourself with glass bottles

Bottles with lighting? Is this possible at all?

The last DIY project on this topic is one of the most attractive DIY ideas. This is about the beautiful combination of fairy lights and glass bottles. You need fairy lights with battery and remote control to achieve the desired effect. First, you should carefully put the fairy lights in the empty bottle. It sounds a bit unbelievable, but with a little imagination you will make that move. When you’re done, you can use the remote control to organize an imaginative lighting design in every room. It is worth it!

Lighting design with the help of bottles

Glass bottles Christmas decoration instructions tips

The fairy lights in the bottles provide a cool lighting design

Lighting design Glass bottles Christmas decoration crafting instruction tips

Creative crafting ideas and designs has been compiled by our editors in a selected picture gallery. Be inspired by the following ideas with glass bottles!

Create an original table decoration

Make Christmas decoration yourself

Diy christmas decoration ideas bottles

Glass bottles Christmas decoration, tinkering instruction tips

Doing crafts with bottles Christmas decoration make garden by yourself

Bottles painted diy christmas instruction

Make Christmas decorations yourself with glass bottles

Glass bottles Christmas decoration

Attractive christmas decoration diy

Make Christmas

40 ideas for DIY - Christmas decoration from glass bottles!
Doing crafts with Christmas decoration make garden yourself

Paint DIY Instructions Christmas

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cool string lights glass bottles

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Christmas decoration itself

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Make your own garden with bottles of Christmas decoration

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