Toys: How To Avoid Pollution

Toys: How to avoid pollution

Colorful toys fascinate children, like they would want all the colourful building blocks, grip rings or figures made of plastic. But just when toys made of plastic, because they contain often harmful plasticizers. So the coveted toys also may look great and so educational they also are advertised by the manufacturer, so you should take but before you purchase on different things, to not harm your baby.

Softeners in plastic toys

So dolls, cars and co. pretty soft and grippy in the small child’s hand, the manufacturers use often so-called plasticizers. Most commonly, di-ethyl-Hexyl phthalate (DEHP) is used to the toys, which is though ostensibly non-toxic, but causes long term damage. Liver and kidneys of your child can be affected, and in addition we assume that DEHP is carcinogenic, and may affect future fertility. The risk of developing allergies, increases for your child. These symptoms must not necessarily occur, however, there is an increased risk. Find an Overview of frequently contained pollutants and their health effects.

toys without pollutants so you avoid pollution

Will toys

If you want to use children’s toys made of plastic, so there are different ways to recognize plasticizer-free toys. First, you should make sure that produced the toys in the EU. Cheap toys from abroad, mainly from China, often include the hazardous plasticizers in high concentrations.

The reason is that there are less stringent regulations and controls in China and is therefore often a high proportion of harmful substances in toys to find. Plastic vaporises out contained pollutants over time, so that you can buy plastic toys often post-emergence at the flea market. But, make sure that this is not older than 25 years. Because prior to this time was produced even by using extremely toxic formaldehyde and other solvents.

toys so you avoid pollution


Certificates protect your child

Children’s toys containing plasticizers, usually consists of PVC, for which there are no labeling requirement. The letters VC (vinyl chloride) or also numbers triangle of arrows with the code 03 in the Middle, however, reference this material. So be sure to buy any toys with this numerical code.Unpleasant, chemical odors that emanates the toy, refer to harmful chemicals such as plasticizers. Also, the certification of CE, GS, or also “play well” or “Öko-Test” provide information on the quality and manufacture of the products. You can safely buy toys with these certificates.

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Alternative children’s toys

Wooden toys is an ideal alternative to move pollutants out of the way. The real child website brings together many manufacturers of educationally valuable toys, which are made from natural materials. In addition to wood also only other natural products used to making sheep, building blocks and gyro such as leather, silk, or cotton. In addition, the products are lovingly decorated and often outright design jewelry pieces. Aesthetically pleasing toys encourage imagination and creativity of children and often lay the foundations that make later career as designer, designer and architect .

In shops like “Real child” is”any product with one or more of the common seal of quality as”play well”, Öko Test,”Nature”or”Organic”. So you can be sure that you do your child really something good if you make it happy with toys.