Mobile Crafts – 18 Ideas Of Covers Babies First Toy!

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Mobile crafts of wool for the baby bed in small increments

The mobile can be considered the first toy of the baby. It helps for the Visual development of children and the coordination between hands and eyes. Did you know that the baby is fixed during the first month especially on the colors black and white?

For this reason the first mobile the best from these two shades should be have been made.

Do you want to learn now how you can build a mobile in black and white for your baby?

Materials you need for the mobile craft

Mobile DIY DIY ideas mobile baby crafts

Materials for the wool balls

Wool in black and white
Crochet in cream
Paper in black, cream and pink
Small black balls
Thick cardboard
Strong glue
Pencil and scissors

For the structure

Two wooden poles (we recommend those with dimensions 270 x 20x5mm)
Seals made from white plastic
3 mm drill bit

One after the other

mobile craft mobile baby crafts

Step 1: make the wool balls

Cut out two circles out of the box with seven centimetres wide. On distance of 2 cm from the edge inward, cut out a hole. Cut 6 cm of the cotton. To bind the two circles. Wrap cotton around it. Do keep it until the center of the ball is virtually almost closed.

Step 2: shape the balls with the scissors

Now, take a sharp pair of scissors. Cut the projecting ends of the cotton, so that the whole looks equally as fluffy ball.

Step 3: Attach the wire to hang

Now separate apart the two circles slightly and pull through a long wire through them. Wrap the wire around the middle of the PomPoms out. One end must be long enough so that you can install this then to the main structure of the mobile.

Make the structure of the mobile

mobile baby craft DIY DIY idea ideas

Cut out the two pieces of wood and paint them in the desired color. As I just said, are recommended for the mobile crafts for babies especially white and black. Make a hole of 3 mm at both ends of the wooden poles.

Attach the two poles together so that they form a cross. You drill a hole on the interface. Now decide how far down each wool ball should hang. We recommend a height of approximately 22 cm over the baby’s head. Put the wire through the holes of the wooden poles. Attach the cotton balls.

Mobile tinker – individualization

mobile baby craft mobile craft

The cotton balls can be customized nicely. You can run in other colors. But for the baby a mobile in black and white is best, we suggest these two colors. Customize by making various interesting characters of the cotton balls. Why are you going to let them look not like animals? To do so would have to tinker eyes, legs, or other parts of the body only with suitable tools.

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