Dog Chews For Allergic Fur Noses

dogs allergies dogs snack

Our four-legged friends, like humans, can also suffer from allergies. The triggers can be many. Allergy to dogs is mostly due to parasites. The sometimes painful bites of fleas, mites and other small vermin force […]

Enjoy The Autumn With The Dog

the autumn with the dog genius

Soon it is so far the heat wanes, the days are getting shorter and announced in the autumn. Autumn temperatures in contrast to the hot summer days are especially comfortable for the dog. However, the […]

Colorful Jewels In Sea Water – A Home For Nemo & Co

picture 1 sea water aquarium anemone fish

At the latest since the success of the cinema of animation adventure “Finding Nemo” interest has resulted in an attitude of this colorful clownfish and their related within your own four walls. While many holders […]