Maca Capsules: What’s In It?

maca tuber healthy superfood

What is behind the maca capsules? The maca plant from Peru has been valued locally for thousands of years for supposedly healing and potentiating properties. We took a closer look at the maca capsules. Why […]

Superfood List: The 10 Healthiest Foods!

superfood list healthiest food live healthy

eat! Therefore, you should also consume healthy foods if you want to be healthy, fit and attractive. We present a superfood list with the 10 healthiest foods. You can decide for yourself which of them […]

Schüßler Salts And Healthy Food – Never Again Ill

Take Schüssler salts and get well

“Diseases alone are caused by disruption of the mineral balance in the body cells and disrupt the entire metabolism.” Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler Good health depends more than thought on our diet. Maybe you have heard […]

Infrared Cabins – The Luxury You Deserve


No sooner has autumn arrived, and everyone is longing for warm beaches, saunas or tanning salons, which create bright thoughts and a better mood. Everyone finds their best way out of the cold and enjoys […]

Vitamin B12 – Everything You Should Know!

Foods containing vitamin b12

The vitamin B12, also called cobalamin, is one of the 8 vitamins of the B group. The B12 is necessary for our health and the proper functioning of the nervous tissue, the brain and the […]