Poach Eggs – Easier Than Expected!

The poached egg can be the perfect finish to your salad or the perfect ingredient for the perfect toast. This is also the main character in the Benedict recipe. But how are eggs poached? Here […]

3 Marinades For Grilled Meat

garlic onion marinades for grill meat

To prepare the marinades for grilled meat yourself has some advantages: First, yours grilled specialties even tastier and second, you know exactly what is contained in the marinade. So you can optimally adjust the marinade […]

3 Hearty Vegetarian Barbecue Recipes

delicious recipes vegetarian barbecue recipes

Clear skies and temperatures over 20 degrees all lure into the open. And especially on the weekend you want to enjoy the beautiful weather in the countryside. But a treat on an empty stomach is […]

Delicious Cauliflower Recipe With Milk Sauce

Quick dishes Cauliflower recipe

The lovers of cauliflower have certainly tried all sorts of recipes. But today’s idea may surprise some of you positively. Breaded cauliflower is a great hot appetizer and a light milk sauce to make it […]

Chili Con Carne, The Original Recipe!

chili con carne oven recipe tim malters

It’s hard to prove where exactly the original Chili con Carne recipe comes from: Mexico or Texas! There are some indications that the Native Americans invented it, but here too the stories are different. Quite […]

9 Tips For A Perfect Omelette

Omelette healthy ingredients

If you are under pressure and still want to prepare something at home, you often decide for an omelette. This is a saturating, delicious food, which can actually be relatively healthy (if you do not […]