Carpet For Allergy Sufferers – (k) A Good Choice?

Most Germans encounter the carpet floor with great bias. Not infrequently one hears statements like”A carpet is unhygienic”or”I am allergic, so no carpet is for me”. Many people therefore opt for Parquet instead of carpet , However, the carpet floor has not earned such a bad reputation. The flooring, which immediately brings more comfort and warmth into every room, has numerous advantages – especially for allergy sufferers. Read here why it can be a better choice for people with a house dust allergy than parquet or laminate and what allergy sufferers should consider when selecting and cleaning a carpet.

Carpet is not suitable for allergy sufferers – Just an overworked prejudice?

Approximately seven percent of the population in Germany suffer from one House dust mite allergy , The mites are so tiny spiders that they can not be seen with the naked eye. One gram of house dust can contain up to 4,000 mites. The unpleasant allergic reactions are mainly caused by mite droppings. When the mites secrete faeces, it disintegrates into even smaller components, which also mix with the dust. If this mixture is inhaled by an allergic person, allergic reactions can occur. This includes:

  • Sneeze
  • difficulty in breathing
  • itching

Asthma allergy house dust mites combat carpet flooring select right

For years, allergy sufferers have been advised to stay in a dust and low-dust environment to minimize symptoms. The carpet floor, which is regarded as a dust catcher, therefore appears to many allergicists as unsuitable for their own home furnishings. Even physicians have often found the victims of a house dust mite allergy to completely abandon carpets. However, this recommendation has now been overtaken. Some studies prove the opposite: a carpet floor can be a better choice for allergy sufferers than a hard floor like laminate, parquet or tiles. “Carpet floors absorb fines eight times better than hard flooring. For allergy sufferers the carpet floor against all prejudices is thus the first choice”, also knows the team of Home Market, the some High quality carpets In the assortment. In contrast to a laminate or flooring floor, the carpet actually acts dust-binding. As a result, the dust concentration in the breathing air is kept low.

Study proves that dust is higher in rooms with hard floors

As early as 2006, the German Allergy and Asthmabund (DAAB) In a study showed that rooms with a smooth floor have a significantly higher dust load than rooms equipped with carpets. Quickly, it was also clear what the reason is: on a smooth floor dust can accumulate after a short time. Every small draft carries it into the ambient air. In this way, he quickly gets into the airways. The study by the DAAB therefore shows that a carpet floor can be a valuable aid when it comes to house dust energy. It can be cleaned quickly with a vacuum cleaner, while you have to wipe a smooth floor at least twice a week – but still better daily – to keep the dust concentration in the room low. Incidentally: As a place for nesting, the mites do not use the carpet, although this is often assumed. It is neither warm nor particularly humid. Both are preferred by mites.

House dust mites carpet for allergy dog

Which carpets are suitable for allergy sufferers?

Nevertheless, you should know that not every carpet is equally suitable for allergy sufferers. Do not choose a high pile carpet, because its particularly long fibers bind even more dust. In addition, cleaning is more difficult. Better are short pile carpets made of artificial fibers. They are particularly easy to clean. In addition, you should pay attention to toxicity. A model that is awarded the Oeko-Tex standard 100 also meets this requirement.

Good vacuum cleaners are important for carpet cleaning in allergy households

Almost as important as the selection of a suitable carpet is the purchase of a good vacuum cleaner. It must not simply return the air being sucked back into the room air, since dust particles are then returned to your environment. Use a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter. It filters the allergens out of the air and can even bind the finest dust particles. These filters can be divided into different classes. The most effective is a Class 13 HEPA filter, which retains 99.95 percent of the dust particles in the unit. In addition, the vacuum cleaner should be equipped with a mechanical brush head. Only then can he remove the finest dust particles from the carpet pile. Tip: Clean small carpets in the fresh air so that the room air in your environment remains unaffected.

Carpet flooring for allergy sufferers house dust allergy fight

Conclusion: carpet floors are also suitable for allergy sufferers

Especially if you have the Select carpet correctly , He can play out his numerous advantages optimally in your apartment. For allergic persons a short pile carpet is made of synthetic fibers. Also, be sure to vacuum the carpet floor regularly using a vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA or water filter. If you take these tips to heart, there is no reason to integrate a homely carpet into your home, even if you are allergic.

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