Modern Designer Rugs With Geometric Designs Of Eeuwes Studio

modern designer rugs geometrical patterns of Eeuwes Studio

Modern designer rugs with geometric designs

Do you have a carpet floor at home? Already, but certainly not like this one. The rugs by Canadian designer of Liz Eeuwes are unique, striking and a lively atmosphere in the room.

Modern designer rugs from Eeuwes Studio

1. first image (above) Fuding carpet – inspired by the landscape near the Chinese town of Fuding

2. second image (below) Kansas carpet – represents the crops in the region of the American City Kansas

3. third image Ontario rug – winter landscape in the province of Ontario, Canada

4. Fourth image Algarinejo rug – olive grove plantations in southern Spain

5. Fifth picture Burundi carpet – sugar cane plantations in Burundi, Africa

6 scene Bay of Planty carpet – Kiwi fruit bushes, Bay of plenty Bay in New Zealand

Creating a lively atmosphere with colorful three-dimensional designer carpets

modern designer rugs geometrical patterns Eeuwes Studio dotted

Terre des Hommes is the second carpet collection by Eeuwes Studio and consists of six Designer carpets. The focus of the collection is the view from the bird’s eye view. All rugs look very different from each other. They have different color palettes and geometric patterns. The workmanship and quality are what they all have in common however. All six carpets consist of 100% pure wool from New Zealand and are tufted by hand. (Tufting is a technique for producing three-dimensional textile surfaces. (You can learn more about it Here )

Inspiration for this carpet is the Ontraios Holland Marsch in Canada

modern designer rugs geometrical patterns dog of Eeuwes Studio

The carpets represent landscapes from around the world from a bird’s-eye view. They are abstract considered, refined and transformed into art. At the same time they have a practical application and laid out a real gem on the living room floor.

Would you like one of these great and modern designer rugs have? Carpet is like at the best of Kansas. And you?

Algarinejo carpet – inspired by the beautiful nature of southern Spainmodern designer rugs geometrical patterns stained Eeuwes Studio

Look like sugar cane plantations according to designer Liz Eeuwes

modern designer rugs geometrical patterns of Eeuwes Studio bird perspective

Bay of Planty carpet

modern designer rugs geometrical patterns of Blau Eeuwes Studio