Designer Carpets From Natural Fibres Provides The Swiss Ruckstuhl Carpet Factory

Designer rugs natural fiber carpet factory Ruckstuhl living room fireplace

Designer carpets ruckstuhl: Legno-Legno

Do you know the well-known Teppichfabtrik Ruckstuhl of the Switzerland? It is famous for its high-quality carpets from natural fibres and materials such as linen, wool or paper yarn. In this article, we show you an exceptional Ruckstuhl carpet made of wood, which can be rolled. He is named Legno-Legno , consists of 90% wood and 10% polyurethane, and fits perfectly in the living room as well as in the objects pane. You can find him in the trade in six different colors of nature.

Designer carpets with sustainable design from the Switzerland

designer rugs natural fibres Swiss carpet factory Ruckstuhl

How to find the Legno-Legno carpet? Would you lie down it like on the ground in your living room, or maybe somewhere else?

Legno-Legno is definitely not a typical carpet. He is practical and innovative, contemporary and at the same time timeless. He complies with the conditions of modern design – rugs by Ruckstuhl is simple, minimalistic, stylish and functional, like all designers. See also the similar Feltro-Legno carpet made of felt and wood.

Legno-Legno designer carpet used in the living area

designer Legno-Legno tapestry factory Ruckstuhl carpet wood flooring

Designer carpet made from pure wood

designer rugs wood Legno-Legno tapestry factory Ruckstuhl

This is only one of the available color options

designer rugs wood Legno-Legno tapestry factory Ruckstuhl structure