Colors And Geometric Patterns – The Amazing Wooden Carpet By Elisa Strozyk

amazing wood carpet colorful geometricThe amazing wooden carpet by Elisa Strozyk

Have we awakened your interest by our previous article about great flooring? Yes! Read this publication and enjoy our new ideas for amazing wood carpets!

Whimsical works of art with colorful triangular patterns

amazing wood carpets triangular red

Elisa Strozyk is a talented German artist. It creates amazing handmade carpets made of dyed wood on a fabric basis. Their products are simple and beautiful and have a stunning effect on everyone. Elisa Strozyk form geometric patterns from small triangular pieces of wood in different shades. Their colored flexible wood carpets are unique works of art. They can be rolled up and transported easily. Modern and creative, in various combinations, which can amazing wooden carpet by Elisa Strozyk each interior beautiful round off and great finish.  How do you find them?

Colors and geometric patterns

amazing wood carpet couch pattern

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