High Quality Medieval Clothing For All Occasions

A hearty motto party, an exciting folk festival or even a medieval-style wedding – nothing is truly complete without the appropriate medieval outfit. Because in order to put oneself right in the rustic atmosphere, one absolutely needs to bring one’s own outfit in harmony with the ambience. Even Oktoberfest, Halloween and Carnival are other big events that offer us every year anew great events, our pretty ones Medieval clothes happy to wear. And for true medieval fans, medieval markets as well as”medieval camping”are the ultimate experience. The latter has even become a popular hobby for many.

Opt for high quality medieval clothing

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Medieval Clothing: Important Tips for Newbies

Especially if you are very new in terms of medieval clothing and thus have little experience, the following tips will certainly be useful. So what should you look for when choosing your medieval clothes so that everything is right?

Depending on the occasion and your own attitude, you should think in advance very well, which character should match your clothes? Are you satisfied with a simpler outfit or should it be something special? Quite traditionally historical or rather fantasy or even steam punk? When planning the outfit, all these issues are particularly important and the clearer your imagination is, the easier you will be to implement it.

Steam Punk is becoming increasingly popular, especially at special theme parties or festivals

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After the concept of the clothes is already clarified, you can start with the purchases. Let yourself be quiet here too and get yourself the basic clothes, so to speak. You can then build on that later and assemble different outfits with several pieces of clothing. Basic dresses for the ladies are, for example, a very simple underdress, a blouse or a skirt and for men a pair of trousers and a simple tunic. Later, gowns, corsets, corsets, capes, jackets and coats – depending on their own tastes and personal preferences.

And what about the care of medieval clothes? This is not an insignificant question, especially during storage or at festivals, where you have to wear the clothes for more than a day. In these cases, it is advisable to prefer natural materials such as wool, linen, cotton and hemp. Clothes sewn from them can easily be aired overnight and are at the same time very comfortable to wear. In addition, you sweat in these textiles hardly, in contrast to polyester, which incidentally should be a taboo in the high-quality Middle Ages clothing.

Medieval clothing can also be put together quite mysteriously

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Play with colors and buy your medieval garment not exclusively in black, for example. Rather, focus on natural tones and combine them with white or a specific hue that matches your medieval character. With strictly historical outfits, colors almost always play a very specific role. Therefore, inform yourself well in advance about it, eg. Eg in Facebook groups or in the topic-related forums.

Especially for the ladies it is quite important to pay attention to an optimal fit. To combine them with the necessary amount of comfort, you should rather buy overdress and bodice a size larger – similar to the Dirndl purchase.

Of course, the right accessories will be the finishing touch to a medieval outfit. So, do not forget this! Veils, hats, necklaces, belts or earrings – you can find exactly what you are looking for at the local or online shops.

Marry as in times long past

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A wedding like in the Middle Ages

Many bridal couples have recently opted for an atmospheric medieval wedding. Not only the wedding place and the ceremony, but especially the wedding dresses and the decoration should be right. If you are invited as a guest to such a wedding, you can wear your already existing medieval garment. But what should you wear as a bride or a groom? To the surprise of many brides you should say in advance that one wedding dress in white is not really the best choice for a medieval wedding. Rather creamy variants with a richly embroidered fabric belt or a colored silk brocade dress with chiffon sleeves are applicable here. The ladies can instead score with eye-catching jewelry, which will distinguish them from the other female visitors at the wedding.

For men, the possibilities are also numerous. You can dress like a king quite noble or appear as a brave knight in full medieval equipment. Either way, the bride and groom should optically pair as a couple to solemnly perform in front of the altar.

If you do not want to go without white

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Leather fits in well with the male wedding attire

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The most important thing when choosing your outfit for the camp, folk festival or for a medieval wedding is to feel comfortable in it. Fit, materials and colors as well as functionality are of utmost importance here. Listen to experienced medieval fans, experts and of course your gut feeling!

We wish you every success in the purchase of your medieval clothes and celebrate well!

The festive procession at the historic Landshut wedding

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