Modern Bedroom Design: 107 Ideas With Rustic Flair

When you design your bedroom, you have to consider the following question: What style is best for me. Most people need a healthy blend of modern comfort and something that makes them dream. For the aspect, the rustic style is perfect. This has something nostalgic and dreamy about it. The following examples of bedroom furniture show a contemporary design and at the same time are characterized by retro romance.

Of course you do not have to copy one of the following ideas. We would like to show you what is important in such a setting.

Some rustic elements are already sufficient to dominate this style in the room

Side table with a flower

Use wood when you set up the bedroom

In the rustic style, wood is one of the most important materials. In the bedroom you can accommodate this in a variety of ways. From this material the bed can be created. But the side table and other pieces of furniture can also be made of wood.

If you use pallets or roughly processed wood, a great contrast to the modern furnishings is created.

In the rustic style you can use different materials at the same time

Rooms with rural elements

Mix different materials

The mixing of different materials also gives the bedroom a rustic flair. Quietly, you can also use those that traditionally do not necessarily belong to the bedroom. What about wall tiles instead of a headboard? The night light and other accessories can be made of copper or another metal in a warm color.

The vintage and the rural style are often combined

contemporary and rustic

Bleached wood

The bleached wood looks wonderful in combination with modern materials. The effect is particularly appealing when the contemporary furniture is dark.

DIY decoration is welcome in rural style

bed-in-rustic style

DIY decoration or furnishings

A rustic flair can be reached even if you have access to DIY projects. In the bedroom you can bleach the wooden floor or other wooden elements. You can add a piece of furniture from pallets or create a wall decoration from original material.

The luxury and the rustic style also make a great combination of

Bed in rural style in the mountains

Luxury and rustic style

The rustic style gives you plenty of space for eclectic solutions when you design the bedroom. The most diverse combinations are possible. A look at our examples proves that luxury and rural elements fit together perfectly and form an appealing picture.

Wood and monochrome color pallets spread warmth and comfort in the room

Treasured rustic

More warmth in monochrome design

Do you love the monochrome and reserved style? In fact, it is the most suitable for many people from a psychological point of view. A few rustic elements, such as the ample use of wood, can make a room warmer.

Accent wall in rustic style

bed design-in-rural-style
Bedding rural
Bedding modern

Rural setting
Rural setting with bedding hunting scenes

And other elements rustic
Bed and chest of drawers in rustic style
Bed and desk rustic
Blue and brown contrast in rustic bedroom
Blanket absolutely rural
Ceiling in rustic style
Ceiling rustic
Diy headboard in rustic style
Diy sliding wall bedroom with a working room
Double bed in rural style
Corner for beauty care
Furnishings rustic
Exotic materials and rural flair
Colored and rustic
Whole room cladding in rural materials
Whole apartment rural
Whole apartment and bedrooms in rural style
Large bedroom two storey rural
Green painted wood on the board
Wood ceiling rural
Woodland mood
Industrial and rustic
Interestingly led headboard
In white washed rustic
Nursery headboard rustic
Children's room with rustic furnishings
Classic bedroom with rustic elements
Complete in rural authentic style
Hardwood headboard
Headboard behind a bed
Headboard rural
Board and at the ceiling deco
Headboard and rustic colors
Rural through the wall
Rural accessories
Rural accent wall
Rural bed decoration
Rural bedding
Rural setting
Rural elements in the bedroom
Rural flair in the bedroom
Country setting
Rural bed in modern ambience
Rural bed with exotic elements
Rural bed and rustic carpet
Rural flair
Rural humor
Rural mood by dekokissen
Rural mood in the room
Rural mood in the room 1
Rural mood with simple furniture
Country rustic atmosphere
Rural and rural and industrial
Rural and vintage
Luxury and luxury
Luxury and rustic style
Furniture in a rustic style
Modern bedroom with some rural elements
Seamless look rural design
Natural stone wall
Sober contemporary contemporary
Prvance humor
Rough and rural artful
Rustic headboard with gloss
Rustic bedding
Rustic treasures
Rustic elements and rural ceilings
Rustic furniture
Rustic style in the house
Rustic bedroom with ethnic elements
Rustic mood in the bedroom
Rustic wall decoration
Rustic in rural style
Rustic masculine modern
Rustic with gentle blue elements
Rustic and very open and bright
Bedroom for several children
Sloping roof in rustic style
Very many rural elements
Super modern and natural stone for flair
Great diy bed rustic
Great diy bed rustic style
Vintage and rustic in one
Vintage and rustic two
Vintage and rustic the wall behind the bed
Vintage modern rustic in one
Wall with wood
As in the forest but in the bedroom
Wild hunting rural
Living room and bedroom in one rustic style

Brick wall rural appearance
Brick wall rustic radiance